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Grouper And Red Snapper Kickoff

Author: Brent Edwards

Summer Bottom Fishing (Florida Panhandle)

Red Snapper Florida Panhandle

We are getting closer to the snapper season but grouper has just open up across the board here in Bay county at St.Andrews Bay pass in Panama City Beach, FL. Meaning all species are good for the taken. As the day approaches you will see more and more boats out on the water. We have been taking notes over the last few years and what my notes tell me that the spawn for red grouper is about to hit. Gag grouper has just ended so between the two we should have a good month. Many other time is species going to be caught like Red snapper. This is a by-catch to me when grouper fishing. 

My Strategy For Grouper Fishing Offshore The Florida Panhandle

I will start grouper fishing around 35 miles offshore. A lot of my good spots are located on the ledge near my inlet. With that being said it will be an early morning and late day kinda thing when going fishing that far. We should encounter some grass which may allow us to break up the bottom fishing trip with some sight casting. Over the last few years I have went out and limited out on snapper while fishing for grouper. A lot of local fishing tournaments will be going on during the summer. We have 5 grouper and snapper ones locally. I have enjoyed fishing tournaments over the last few years. With grouper and snapper I would use the same knocker rig setup to catch either grouper or snapper. Live bait and a piece squid would be my preference of bait for targeting these two species. Going to use my leader of choice and make it about 15ft with a 6-12 oz lead depending on bait size and depth. Just make sure when heading out this year for your target species that you have a good game plan, Plenty if tackle and fair weather best as possible.

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