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Author: Michael Bergamo

Are you trying to get some lines wet and tight. Well then come down to Florida in the summer time. To catch some big Goliath Grouper from land it’s an challenge but ain’t that what fishing is about challenges. Some off the biggest inshore Goliath Grouper hang out at Sebastian Inlet State Park, which is also well know for its big snook and redfish. Which could be fun to catch but there there’s nothing like catching 250lbs plus Goliath Grouper from land. Here is how it’s done all you need is 6/0 penn senator or bigger if you would like. Spool it with straight 400lbs bullbuster mono. Get you a cheap tuna rod ( The Big Nasty) is a very good rod to use for Goliaths. For an hook I use an catchall 20/0 I cut the barb off for quicker release I grind them off. So put your 400lbs mono through the rod then crimp an 8 ounce egg sinker 10inches above the hook. Then crimp your hook on to the end of the 400lbs mono. Make sure you have more than two people with so you can drop net the grouper. Lock the drag down on the 6/0 you never want any line to go out of the reel at anytime if he gets you under the Pylon he is a goner. What to use for bait live jack, blue runners, moon fish, live cat fish, anything live is gonna get thumped real quick. So good on the grouper and tight lines

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