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Grill Up Some Swordfish (Best Recipes & Videos On The Web)

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Need Some Recipes For Your Swordfish Steaks?

There is no question that Swordfish is one of the best tasting fish on the planet.  Swordfish doesn't taste like "fish" its almost like a really tender steak.  You can start to sense it when you begin to steak a sword.  Your knife slides through the sword like butter. 

We put together some of the best recipes on the web a FEW SCROLLS BELOW, but first you need to know how to steak her up once you catch her. Below are two videos on how to prep your swordfish for the kitchen. 

How To Steak Your Swordfish After You've Caught It

(If you already know how to steak a sword scroll down for the recipes!)

This video was put together by one of the most famous swordfishing boats in the world, the Booby Trap.  In this video they show you how to prep a nice sword to be ready for the dock.    *****Note if your core without a tail is not as long as your states legal size limit, you may want to do this at the dock.  With a big fish like the one they are using, you shouldn't have a problem. 

This video was put together by a professional chef  for a fancy resturaunt (Aperitif Restaurant & Bar) OBVIOUSLY NOT A FISHERMAN.   But what is important to get from his take on the swordfish is how to cut the swordfish into finer steaks once you have it in smaller pieces. He shows you  what part of the sword has the best meat.   ** The one thing we disagree with this guy about is that he takes the skin off.  For us the skin can be the best part because the fat gives your swordfish steak LOTS of flavor. 

** Note Many Of These Guys In The Videos Below Aren't Fisherman... But Don't Get It Wrong... They Cook A Mean Swordfish **

How To Grill Your Swordfish Steaks: 

If you don't scroll any farther and stick with grilled swordfish thats fine by us.  Grilled swordfish is probably as good as its guns get.  Make sure you eat as much of your swordfish as you can while it is fresh. We've made the same recipes with fresh vs. frozen swordfish we've caught and the taste difference is night and day. 

A Good Old Grilled Swordfish Recipe (Step By Step)

This video was posted by "Reel Flavor" and boy does it look good.  We like the step by step nature of the video and that it shows you what ingredients you need. 

Coconut Grilled Swordfish Steaks

This video was posted by "DeerMeatForDinner" . The guy is definitely an outdoorsman and has some good tips. 

How To Pan Sear Your Swordfish:

If your grill is broken or you don't have one (you need to get one), then you can always pan sear your swordfish. Below are a few videos we think you may like with swordfish recipes you won't forget. 

Basic Pan Seared Swordfish

This video put together by "Fortune Cooking" shows you how to make a basic pan seared swordfish. 

Pan Seared Swordfish With Peppers 

If you like a little spice with your fish this looks like a good recipe.  You can also switch out the peppers to ones more of your taste. Overall this is a great video posted by "Cooking Seafood With Tommy Gomes" that makes our mouths water. 

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Tips For Swordfishing In South Florida - Swordfish are one of our favorite fish to target because they are not only LB for LB  the strongest billfish, but they are also one of the most challenging fish to catch. A rule of thumb for swordfish is that the battle will be an hour per 100Lbs.  

Fishing For Daytime Swordfish

How A Diversified Bait Box Is A Key To Success For Swordfishing -  We are all creatures of habit and over the years have formed routines and have certain things we like no matter the situation. While having your "go to" baits are good it is important to experiment and try new things. Having a diversified bait box is especially important while sword fishing.

Fishing For Swordfish

Best Videos For Rigging Swordfish Baits - 

We put together this article to put all of the best youtube videos on rigging swordfish baits into one place.  If you are getting ready to try any new type of fishing watching videos is a great way to learn. 

How to rig a swordfish bait

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