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Great Video On Caterpillar Diesel Engine History

Author: Bullbuster Team

The video below was posted on Youtube by "Jack's Chrome Shop" covers pre WWII Caterpillar history. 

Great Insights From The Video: 

The first Caterpillar engine was commissioned by CL Best and named "Old Betsy" to fit into a tractor and be strong enough to power it. The first prototype took 2 years to create by engineer GA Rosen.  In January of 1930 1A14 was the official serial number of this original Caterpillar engine. 

Caterpillar D9900 Engine - By Oct 1931 the D9900 was introduced as an inline 4 cylinder engine developed by Caterpillar to power the model 60 tractor. This engine placed into a tractor could pull a record 11,991 Lbs. 

Caterpillar D11000 - Only produced until 1935. 

Caterpillar D8800, D6600 - Released in 1935 these engines increased the power without adding more weight to the power plant.   

Caterpillar D4400 - Released 1936 these engines increased the power without adding more weight to the power plant. 

Caterpillar D4600 - Has 6 cylinder but its displacement is much smaller than earlier models. 

Caterpillar D13000 

Caterpillar D17000 - First 8 Cylinder made by Caterpillar and has heavy marine use. 

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