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"Going For A Bait Run"

Author: #TeamDorsal

Bait is something we all need when shark fishing. You can buy all the fancy gear you want, but without bait you can't fish. Some people go to local tackle stores and buy bonitas for shark bait. Nothing wrong with that, but we enjoy going on our bait runs. It is a pass time that we enjoy doing together to help each other save a few bucks and pass down things we have learned. Cownose ray is a great bait for large sharks. The larger ones can sometimes be 4 cut bait drops on smaller 80w reels. Or one big bait long drop on one big Everol 18/0. Cownose rays are a unregulated species but this term can sometimes confuse people. They do have a bag limit, 100 pounds per person, per day. So when we go we like to take 4 people on the boat. At about 25lbs each this allows us to catch 16 cownose rays. You want to have a good compound bow with 55lbs draw. You also need to obtain bow fishing arrows designed for the sport. Go at night and deck your boat out with bright led lights. These lights will attract the rays right to you allowing you to get a clean shot. We try to hit them in the head so we can be as humane as possible quickly putting them out of any suffering. When searching for them stay in about 3ft - 4ft deep water. You want a boat with a shallow draft so you aren't fighting getting stuck constantly. Light aluminum jon boats work perfect for this paired with a small 5hp motor. You less noise the better as this will keep them from getting spooked. You have to learn your area and find the bait if you want to be a successful shark fishermen. Unless you have all the money in the world and can afford to just go buy all the bait you need. Honestly though, where is the fun in that? Good luck. #TeamDorsal

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