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Getting Invited On Someone's Boat To Go Fishing

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If you don’t own your own boat, chances are that some of the best fishing opportunities you will come across will come by invitations to fish on someone else's boat.  These opportunities may yield great friendships and time spent out in on the water.  There are several ways to get more invites on boats and to keep getting invited back to come fishing.  Often it comes down to providing value in the best way that you can. 

Cpt. Rinaldo Cartaya's 1958 Rybovich. Cpt. Rini kept this boat in tip top shape, spending hours to keep the wood in good shape, the engines running properly, and everything organized.

Providing Value To The Boat Owner 

There are a number of ways that you can provide value to a boat owner.  We will cover a few below. 

  1. Knowledge Value - Some  boat owners are either just getting into boating, or do not have very much knowledge about fishing in a certain area.   They may have a brand new boat and all of the best equipment, but don’t know how to use it all.  For this boat owner, you can help them with your knowledge of being out on the water, and fishing.   Be patient with the boat owner and chances are they are inviting you to learn, or just to have fun without having to learn. It is up to you to make this determination. 

  2. Equipment Value -  Some boat owners have a boat, and want to get into a new type of fishing.   They may not have the specialized equipment, and here is where you come into play.  In this case they are providing the boat, and you are providing the equipment and access to a new fishery.  In this case it is a win win for you guys. 

  3. Companionship Value - Some boat owners have a boat, but have found a hard time getting people out of their busy lives to enjoy some time out on the water.  If you have the time and can go fishing jump on this opportunity as you guys can go fishing because land is over rated. 

  4. Monetary Value - Face it a BOAT stands for Break Out Another Thousand, on bigger boats, this can be break out another ten thousand or more.   Some boat owners are looking to share the cost of an outing because running a boat ain't cheap!

Understanding how you can provide value when fishing is a good way to get invited to go fishing and go fishing more often.   These are not the only way to provide value, and sometimes its a combination of alll of them that is needed.  We hope that these tips help you get invited on more fishing trips.  

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Etiquette For Getting Invited On Someone's Boat

Every boat owner is different.  So you will have to learn as you go.

1) Learn The Boats Systems & The Owners Way Of Doing Things - Most boat owners have their own systems and their own way of doing things, which is one of the reason they got their own boat instead of going on someone else's.  If you are going to go on someones boat and fish with them often, it may take some time to understand how that boat does things.  If its a new boater, may be you can make some suggestions, but be mindful each boat and boat owner is different. 

2) Offer To Help Clean The Boat - Always offer to help clean the boat.  This is a basic rule of being invited to fish on someone's boat.  Some boat owners may be very particular about their boat, so you may have to learn how their systems for cleaning their boat before they allow you to pitch in.  This is especially true for higher end boats that may need special treatment to keep it in tip to shape.  Be willing to learn. 

3) Bring Food & Drinks If Appropriate -   It is often a good idea to bring some food onto the boat you are going on.  Sometimes bringing drinks is a great idea too, but first know you audience and the boat owner before making this assumption. 

4) Bring Equipment If Appropriate -  Some boat owners will love it if you bring you equipment.  Some boat owners will frown on it as they already have a set way of doing things and have the equipment they deem is necessary. 

5) Be On Time - If you get invited to go fishing on someone's boat.  Be in time!  Come on. 

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