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Getting Into Jet Ski Fishing

Author: Kainoa Lum

Fishing From A Jet Ski In Hawaii

Picking Your Jet Ski For Offshore Fishing

First and foremost before purchasing your Jetski (PWC). You want make sure you take the necessary Jet Ski courses to learn about it’s rules and regulations within your county. The brand you purchase is totally up too you. I prefer Yamaha since I’ve been working on them for several years as a Rescue Craft Operator for the County of Kauai Ocean Safety Bureau. You can find really good deals on Craigslist that are somewhat outfitted for fishing since jet ski fisherman eventually purchase a boat. If not, see yourself spending about 10-20k on a brand new jetski.

How To Fish From Your Jet Ski Safely 

Once you manage to get yourself a jetski, decide what type of fishing you’re gonna be doing and outfit it from there. Starting off with safety equipment, these are the basics that I highly recommend for fishing offshore. PFD, Epirb/Personal beacon locator, VHF Radio Flares, Extra lanyard with start key, Cellphone, Fins and Mask, long serrated blade knife Incase you suck up line or rope into your impeller housing, Phillips Screwdriver, box wrench or a socket ratchet with appropriate size sockets that you’ll need to tighten up battery cable connection or to remove the grate underneath if your knife ain’t cutting out the rope. 

Equipment To Set Up Your Jet Ski For Big Game Fishing

I mostly do trolling so I equipped my ski with a Garmin 44cv Echomap GPS/fishfinder combo which is mounted to the dash with a ram ball mount.  My transducer is mounted to a custom CNC aluminum plate using the factory holes which fastens the swim step to the back of the ski. I ordered that aluminum plate from a YouTube user by the name of Snowismas, he’s a fisherman out of Texas who created a few custom accessories for Yamaha Jet skis. Below is one of Snowismas' videos:

 Depending on how you want your pole holders setup you can collaborate with your local welder and go from there. My 2 pole holder design was inspired by a fellow jet ski fisherman out of Hilo by the name of Lance Moe @mrpoi808 who has custom welded many setups and has landed some amazing fish off of his jetski. The idea behind my pole holder was to be functional but out of the way when the ski was being used for tow in surfing. Last but not least you’re gonna need a spot to put your catch. The gunnel is fine to store a fish or two but that’s about it. In Hawaii most jetskis are equipped with a Rescue Sled which is attached to the back of the jetski using either the factory installed u-bolts or after market u-bolts attached to the top back area of the ski. With a sled on the back of the ski it allows you to store a fish bag with ice and any other fishing accessories you may need for your time out on the ocean. I’ve seen many apparatuses online that you can readily purchase that are able to hold multiple fishing poles and a cooler. But it all comes down to the type of fishing and species you’re targeting. Once you get that situated then you’re ready to purchase some gear. Stay tuned for my next article on gear and trolling tips.🤙🏽

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