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Get Your Fishing Blog To Have More Than 500,000 Readers

Author: Bullbuster Team

Our Mission Is To Help Millions Of Anglers Spend More Time Fishing That Starts With You

The internet is a big place, there are millions of anglers online looking for answers to their questions. Believe it or not, even if you are not an Instagram angler with thousands of followers or a Youtube angler with thousands of subscribers you can still make a big impact on other fishermen and help them spend more time fishing in a big way.  

Blogging Is A Great Place To Start

Hi my name is Colby Uva, I founded Bullbuster the first brand direct fishing line (I hope there will be more, or at least more brand direct brands (they provide anglers tremendous value)) in 2010.  I never thought I would start a blog.  Blogging sounds like one of those boring things nerds do about obscure topics, but once I started I didn't turn back.  It is a rewarding experience, not only do you get to help out other anglers but you get to learn a heck of a lot yourself.  Think about spending your day researching a topic that you love and sharing it with others & having them come in droves to learn from what you put together. I never thought I would say this, but blogging actually can get your blood pumping.  Turn up the music and get started.  

Lessons Learned 

When I first started blogging, it was about random topics.   I probably wrote 100 blog articles before the traffic started coming into the blog in surprising numbers.  It would be random articles, for example our article on cooking triple tail has helped over 8,000 anglers cook their catch.   I asked myself " Is there some way I can stop guessing which articles are going to help the most people and use a tool to KNOW?"

Tip #1 Do A Bit Of Research

The answer is most definitely YES! 

There are tools out there that will let you know what words are being searched for and in what volume. Back in the day there was a tool called the Google Keyword Tool, this tool was awesome, it gave you insight into googles search engine, and how many people searched each word.   But as you can see in most Google searches nowadays there are more and more ads and the only way that you can see the searches now through google is through their Adwords tool.   There are still tools though: Try AHREFS! .  

AHREFS Lets You Know What Words To Search For & What Volumes Exist For Them

* Now remember this is an estimate (also other variations for the same search exist as you can see by the fact that our triple tail article had over 8,000 readers last year). 

Tip # 2 Find All The Best Youtube Videos For A Topic, Bring Em Into One Place & Do A Review Of Them Or Talk About What They Have To Offer

Some of the best performing blog posts we did were reviews of the best videos on the web for a certain topic. We will give you a few examples below.  Save people time by filtering out the videos that are best related to this topic and let them know why this video is the video by this Youtube is the best video to watch for the subject. 

Ok Google is a pretty efficient robot in suggesting videos, but you can actually curate videos that 1) Helps google more understand their context 2) Filters out the off topic or frankly dumb videos on the subject that you are researching.  In turn you actually help the Youtubers who took the time an energy to create amazing videos get more exposure to their topic.  

Tip #3 Make Your Article Engaging  (Use the 5 second Rule)

Not the rule where you can eat something off of the floor, but the rule where

Hopefully we caught your attention up there.   The idea is that there are MORE DISTRACTIONS THAN EVER NOWADAYS, ENGAGE EVERY 5 SECONDS. 

Tip #4 Use Your Videos In Your Blog Posts

This is a strategy that has worked well for fisherman and Youtube Landshark Fishing to get lots of views to his articles on the Bullbuster Community. Videos are obviously more engaging than text right. 

Tip # 5 Format Your Article So That It Can Be Read By Computers More Easily 

Yea, I said computers.  Yea people are the ones that are going to read your articles, but in the world we live in today, to get in front of people you need to be read by the "spiders" you know like those crazy beasts in the matrix that try to kill Neo's ship, yea those.  Search engines send out spiders through the web to find the most relevant information.  You want your blog to be formatted in a way that those spiders can understand the context of your blog.

  Use  Header Tags (Think Of Them As An Outline For Your Article).

Why You Need H2 Tags

Use H3 Tags To Spice Up Your Articles

Tip # 6 Use Social Media To Promote Your Blog  Post 

Don't let your article be discovered by chance.  Again, the internet is a massive place, don't stop at Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube, there is more.  Check out the resources below. 

StumbleUpon -  This is a social media where you should turn the 5 second rule into the 2 second rule, and if you hit it just right, you will we be surprised by the traffic blast this website can give your blog post.  (Check Out Our Stumbleupon Guide)

Reddit -  Read the guide before using Reddit, there is a kind of etiquette you will need to use before entering this lair of social media that probably has driven the most viral hits on the internet. 

(Read our guide on using reddit)

Facebook -  This is a move obvious social media to use but there are a few tips that you can find in this article