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Get Your Bait Out & Away For Landbased Structures

Author: Bullbuster Team

Tips To Get Your Baits Out From Landbased Structure

  • A group of fishermen on Channel 5 Bridge in the Florida Keys.

  • Balloon - Using a balloon is probably one of the easiest ways to get your bait out away from structure.  You simply float your bait in the direction of the current or the wind (which ever is stronger).  Check out this video posted on Youtube by Michael Wilbanks that shows you one way to get a balloon ready to take your bait out. 

  • Condom - Oops you forgot a balloon, a condom will do. 

  • Bullbuster Ambassador South Florida Sharks forgot to bring balloons, well, he had another solution.

  • Kite -  If you fish are where the wind consistently pushes offshore.  A kite is a great way to get your baits out.  (Check out this article on kite fishing). 
  • Check out this video posted by "Paul Burnes" that shows how he uses a kite to catch snapper off of the beach in New Zealand. 
  • Casted Rod With Anchor & Clips -  Many people do this off fishing piers, but this can be done from almost any fishing structure.  Cast a rod out and hang live baits just on the surface.  Below is a video posted by "Joshua Taylor" that shows you how to make the "clips" for this type of rigging.  (Part 1)
  • In this video Joshua Taylor shows you how to actually set your "Trolly Rig" up.  (Part 2)
  • Sliding Rig - This is a new technique honestly we don’t know to much about, but you can check out THIS RESOURCE. 
  • Bait Gun - This is pretty much an oversized potato gun. Videos of these things have gone viral in recent years, however we are not sure how many people actually use these.  Check out this video posted by The Ryker Dane on Youtube of a Bait Cannon!
  • ROV Kayak  - Bullbuster Ambassador True Blue made the ROV kayak famous by using it for shark fishing off of a pier.  Pretty cool idea if you know how to do a little bit of engineering. 
  • Check out the video posted by "Brett Castro On Youtube".
  • Kayak - This has been made super popular by land based shark fishermen, but it doesn’t only work for shark fishing. Check out this video posted by "The Blaster Man" on taking out a bait using a kayak:

  • Drone - Yea you can take a bait out with a drone.  (Check out this article on drone fishing) just be sure not to dunk your drone in the water or that will be an expensive bait deploy. Check out this video posted by "Brent Bensten" on how to deploy your shark bait via drone. 
  • Swim It Out  -  The good old fashion swim your bait out.  Simple, Savage, and affective. 
  • Up Your Surfcasting Game -  Use a really long rod and launch that S&!T out there. 
  • Check out this video posted by "Hugh King" that shows Deleware surfcasting legend Rich King showing you his stuff surf casting from the beach. 

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