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Get Visits To Your Articles Using Youtube

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Use Youtube To Get Views To Your Articles

Youtube is an amazing resource.  We mention it here on the community a ton, because if a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video is worth 10,000. Using Youtube to promote your articles is a great way to grow your readership.  

Two Simple Tips To Grow Your Readership Through Youtube

1) Mention Your Article In Your Video - This is a simple way to drive traffic to your article via Youtube. 

2) Link To Your Article In Your Description - This is a simple way to let people know where to get more information. 

* If you have old videos you can even go back and edit the descriptions to add more information (good for youtube SEO) as well as a great way to drive traffic to your article. 

3) Use Your Youtube Videos In Your Article - This not only adds value to the content in your article, but it can act as a crosspromotion between your article and your Youtube Channel. 

4) Make Yotube Videos Catered Towards Your Article - Make youtube videos that talk about only a specific point in your blog lets stay only "Step1" of a 3 step process that you outline in your article. At the end of the video, mention that to see this video in context, check out your article and provide a link in the description like we talked about earlier. 

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