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Get Started In The Landbased Shark Fishing World

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Get Started In Landbased Shark Fishing

We put together this post to give you some resources to get started in the world of landbased shark fishing.  There are a lot of resources on the internet so we though it would be useful to have a comprehensive guide in one place all those resources put together in once place. 


Landbased Shark Fishing

A few tips before you get started on behalf of the whole land-based shark fishing community:

Landbased Shark Fishing On A Bridge

1) Be Respectful Of Your Spot: do not leave any trash hooks, bait, etc. This can anger local beach goers and really mess up the sport for many people who will also be fishing nearby you. Leave your spot better than when you got there, this will lead to a continuously improving reputation for all land-based shark fishermen and women. 

Tiger Shark Caught From The Beach

2) Do Not Shark Fish Where Lots Of People Are Swimming: While the chances may be EXTREMELY LOW of a shark actually attacking someone at the beach, there is no reason draw attention to an an ignorant tourist who still has nightmares about the Sci-Fi movie JAWS that portrays sharks as man killing machines.  

Hooked Up Landbased Shark Fishing

3) Try To Shark Fish At Night Whenever Possible:  Unless you are fishing some huge state or national park where you can distance yourself miles from  the nearest set of swimmers ( Lucky Texans) try to fish at night.  This is respectful to the swimmers and it lets you focus on landing your fish rather then dealing with spectators.


Bullbuster  Land-Based Shark Fishing Ambassadors 

We have a number of ambassadors that spend a majority of their time land-based shark fishing. These are great guys and combined they have many decades of experience. We will include links to their profiles below. Before contacting them, be sure to utilize many of the the resources on this page or read their articles, that way you can come up with good questions that will guide you on your way to becoming a master land based shark fishermen.  

  Landshark Fishing

There Are Also Some Great Communities To Join: 

  • South Florida Shark Club
  • Sharks On Sand

Getting Set Up For Land-based Shark Fishing 

Spooling Your Reels For Shark Fishing:  

We  recommend filling any shark fishing reel with at least 1/3 braid if not more.  You two options when it comes to braid, you can either go with solid core braid in which case you should probably know a few braid knots for braid to mono connections or you can use hollow core braid for a seamless connection. 

 Below is a great video put together by BlacktipH on spooling with shark reels. You don't need the fancy line spooler in the video, we have put together a few spooling tools that can help you do the job.  For bulk spools it doesn't hurt to just put that puppy on the ground and start reeling.  (Although we do recommend a bucket with water and some gloves to put your braid on nice and tight). 

Making Rigs For Shark Fishing 

Here are a few products that we carry for putting together shark rigs:

Great video by Infinity Shark fishing:

Videos By BlacktipH: 

Great video by Josh from BlacktipH  on the haywire twist. This video is a great step by step on how to do a tie a haywire twist. 

OLD SCHOOL BlacktipH video on making shark rigs.  

 LandShark Fishing TV put together a nice article on a simple shark fishing rig.  We recommend using the wire + a 6 - 15ft length of 600 or 1000Lb grander leader to add to the  end of your rig since shark skin is very abrasive on your line.  Another perk of this method is that you can use less wire and re-use your rigs multiple times.  

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!


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