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Author: Ryan Carson

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For some of us we grew up in a household that went fishing every weekend in the spring, summer and fall. For others maybe you have never touched a fishing pole. This article is for those who are relatively new to fishing or maybe are interested in starting fishing.

There are somethings that you need to know before you just run to the store to buy gear.

For Freshwater fishing in NJ you need a fishing license if you are older than 16. This costs $22.50 a person but luckily if you are new to fishing NJ has started offering a buddy program which I have posted a picture below for the details. There are also free fishing days on June 9th 2018 and October 20th  2018 for those who want to give it a go.


Now if you decided you are ready to give fishing a go here are some things you will need to start fishing a lake or creek near you.

A Rod and Reel Combo- This can be any rod that is between 5-7 foot long from your local Walmart or Dicks Sporting Goods. You want this rod to be a medium light rod and reel combo as you will be fishing for small fish to some larger fish.

A tackle box- This doesn’t need to be a expensive tackle box or even a fishing tackle box. You just need something to put your stuff in to be able to keep it together and to be able to carry it from your car to the area you are going to fish.

Tackle- If you are just starting out the best thing you can do is keep it simple. A pack of mixed hook sizes this way you don’t have to buy multiple packs for different species. A pack of bobbers this allows you to keep your bait floating off the bottom at a desired depth of your choice.

Bait- you can use a wide variety of baits from worms and minnows which can be found at a local bait shop to things like bread, corn or hotdog pieces.

With the things listed above you are ready to start fishing. 

If you are interested in deeper details on specific type of gear or any other questions you can respond to the post on Facebook, personal message me on Facebook or email me at I am always willing to help those new to fishing or those looking to get their kids into fishing.

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