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Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

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Why Should You Use Fluorocarbon Fishing Line?

A 500 yard Spool Of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Its See Through, Its Sensitive, & Abrasion Resistant!

At first people didn't use fluorocarbon all that much because when it was new, it was so expensive that it needed time to prove itself.  (Get rid of that problem by buying a 500 yard spool of fluorocarbon).  However, over time, it was understood that fluorocarbon fishing line has some major advantages over other fishing lines that more than justify the cost.  The rest of this article gets in depth on fluorocarbon, what it is made out of, where it is good to use, what size spools you can find it in, and what knots work well with it. 

What Is Fluorocarbon? 

On the off chance that the name sounds recognizable, this is on the grounds that fluorocarbon covers an expansive group of mixes, including organics involved fluorine, chlorine and carbon, alongside engineered materials produced using hydrocarbons—and has been utilized in everything from Teflon to Freon. 

See What Is Fluorocarbon Made Out Of?

What Is Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Made Out Of?

Fluorocarbon is made out of polyvinylidene difluoride (sometime called PVDF). It goes through a process called extrusion that allows it to be come a single strand of line. 

Advantages Of Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines :

Low Visibility — One of fluorocarbon's greatest advantages is it's almost invisible. This is because it is much denser then mono fishing lines, and therefore the light waves go through it a lot faster.  This is great when you are targeting finicky fish.  

Abrasion Resistance - Since fluorocarbon is a lot denser it is a lot more abrasion resistant as well. You can feel this with your hands when you touch mono and fluorocarbon next to each other. The fluorocarbon has a lot harder shell. 

Waterproof — Water soaks into both braided and mono fishing lines easily. This is not the case with fluorocarbon. 

When Should You Use Fluorocarbon Over Monofilament?

1) Tournaments - Fishing tournaments is a time where the money is on the line.  In this case you will want to have the extra abrasion resistance for your line as well as the see through factor. 

2) Really Clear Water - Some days the water is super murky and there is no reason to throw some fluorocarbon on there.  But there is excellent vis, its time to throw on some fluorocarbon. 

3) Targeting Notoriously Finicky Species - This include inshore fish such as snook and bonefish or offshore species such as yellowfin tuna. 

4) Targeting Fish That Have Rough Mouths - Because fluorocarbon is hard on the surface when compared to mono, fluorocarbon is good to use with fish that have rough mouths.  This is especially true when you are using light tackle.  The reason this is true when you are using light tackle to target large fish with rough mouths, is that the fight time may be longer, so the extra abrasion helps. 

Different Spools Sizes Of Fluorocarbon & What They Are Good For

50 Yard Spools Of Fluorocarbon 

50 Yards Of Fluorocarbon

These spools are good to have a variety of sizes of fluorocarbon available in your tackle bag at any time.  The price per yard on this size spool is not going to be the best. The spool comes with a ring around it so that you can remove it while taking your line out for your leader and replace it when you want to put your leader spool back in your tackle bag or tackle center. 

500 Yard Spools Of Fluorocarbon

500 Yard spool Of Flurocarbon

These spools are excellent for you if you know that you will be making pre-made leaders, or if you use the same Lb test often for either a tournament, or charter operation.  Or you are a hardcore weekend warrior that does the same type of fishing often.  The spool comes with a "hair tie" around it so that once you are done using the spool you can secure the line again quickly.  

Boats that consistently win tournaments are prepared.  Its about spending more time fishing.  This isn't just about getting on the water, its about the amount of time you are fishing when you are on the water. 

  If you are a serious tournament fisherman having a 50 yard skein of fluorocarbon just simply isn't enough.  You should have several bulk spools of fluorocarbon at your disposal and you need to be making your rigs before you hit the water and you need to maximizing your time fishing by having those rigs ready to go. Running out of leaders and realizing the night after day 1 of your tournament is not an option.  There are a lot of competitive fishing teams out there, one mistake can potentially cost you thousands.

Making Pre- Made Leaders With Your Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

If you have read other articles on the Bullbuster community, you've probably seen that we strongly encourage making "grab and go bags".  One of the most essential components of the grab and go bag is the pre-made leader.  In this article we will talk about how to coil your leaders and things to consider when doing so. 

5 Ways To Secure The Coil Of Your Pre Made Leaders

1) Use wraps to secure your leader - Using this method, you put together your coils and then take the part of your leader with the hook and wrap it three times around the actual coil.  After doing this you may want to put your pre-made leader in a plastic bag. 

2) Use rigging bands to secure your leaders -  Once you have made the coils take a rigging band and use it to secure your leader coil. 

3) Use plastic zip ties to secure your leader - zip ties work better for larger leaders (like  leaders for trolling or live baiting for BIG GAME Fish) since with heavy monofilament leader material will give you enough space to clip the zip tie when you are ready to fish. 

4) Use plastic bread ties to secure your leader -  using plastic bread ties is an excellent way to secure your leader because it makes it extremely easy to open up once you are ready to fish the leader.  

5) Use A Yoyo To Secure Your Leaders -  Yoyo's are great for storing many of the same leaders. Simply attach the hook of one leader to the loop of the next one. 

Best Knot For Braid To Fluorocarbon

There are thousands of knots out there, but only a few that you will memorize or end up using often.  For this article we are covering what the best knot for braid to fluorocarbon connections is, three reasons why it is the best connection, and how to tie it. 

Why The Double Uni Knot Is The Best Knot For Braid To Fluorocarbon Leader Connections:

1) This Knot Is Strong!

The uni knot has a rating of 85%-90% strength.

2) This Knot Is Easy To Tie The Right Way!

The uni knot is very easy to tie, unlike the the FG Knot which can get much weaker if you make mistakes tying it. 

3) This Knot Is Easy To Remember!

Since there are so few steps to remember to tie this knot, it is actually pretty easy to remember.  You are here to spend more time fishing not tie tie the prettiest knot. 

 How To Tie The Double Uni-Knot

The uni-knot is one of the simplest and fastest knots to tie for braid to mono connections it is also one of the most reliable knots.  Below is a video from the Technical Anglers youtube channel showing how to tie it.  According to him the uni-knot has 85%-90% knot strength. 

What Size Fluorocarbon Do We Carry On

Below is a list of sizes of fluorocarbon that we carry on These sizes can be found in two spool sizes (50 yard and 500 yard spools).  It is good to have a combination of all of these sizes in your tackle bag or tackle center for different situations and a 500 yard spool of the sizes that you use the most if you are a tournament angler, serious weekend warrior, or charter fishing operation. 

- 20Lb Fluorocarbon Leader Material (0.41mm)

- 30Lb Fluorocarbon Leader Material (0.50mm)

- 40Lb Fluorocarbon Leader Material (0.60mm)

- 50Lb Fluorocarbon Leader Material (0.68mm)

- 60Lb Fluorocarbon Leader Material (0.77mm)

- 80Lb Fluorocarbon Leader Material (0.92mm)

- 100Lb Fluorocarbon Leader Material (1.02mm)

-130Lb Fluorocarbon Leader Material (1.22mm)

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