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Florida Winter Wahoo Fishing

Author: Mike Milewski

Florida Winter Wahoo Fishing

Florida Wahoo Fishing

It is that time of the year in FL and the Bahamas when wahoo fishing is approaching peak times!

Let’s cover some of the basics first:

Tackle For Wahoo Fishing:

50W Reels  (Stand up & Bent Butt, Packed with 65lb bullbuster braid)

Rigged Mullet-(Wire )

Rigged Bonita Strips-(Wire )

Rigged Ballyhoo -(Wire )

Sea witch & favorite skirts

High Speed lures (Cow Bells)

Shock Cords


Trolling leads (48oz  & 24oz)

(Learn How To Rig Trolling Baits That Are Not Ballyhoo)

Florida Wahoo Fishing

Now that we have all the necessary gear it’s to get out there and put in some time. the most productive time is going to be 3 days before and after the Full moon. In addition the New moon is a great time to spend some time hunting them as well. Not saying you can’t slay a Wahoo anytime of the month, but traditionally the percentage of triggering a bite will be higher.

Fishing For Wahoo In Florida

How To Target Wahoo On The Troll

There are two different methods of hunting wahoo, first is going to be a normal trolling speed -7-8knots. Or high speed, 13-16knots.

Fishing For Wahoo In Florida
Swinging a healthy Florida Wahoo into the boat

We like to troll at a normal trolling speed. My spread will contain two baits down deep, shotgun bait and two baits on the outriggers on mono to make the most out of our day trolling.

Gaffing A Nice Florida Wahoo
Gaffing a nice Florida Wahoo

Always keep in mind putting in the time and effort to target these fish is the key to success. It is very possible to troll for 12 hours and only get one bite. But the one bite is all you need for a successful trip. Of course loaded the box full of wahoo would epic slay day. Down here in south FL, that is not the norm, but can happen from time to time. Now if you cross over to the Bahamas during the peak season that absolutely can happen!!

Keep on working hard and put in that time to find a few! You won’t be disappointed Thanks Bullbuster for all your support !!! 

Florida Wahoo Fishing

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