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Florida Stone Crab

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Florida Stonecrab Season 2019 Recap

Home Cooked Freshly Caught Stonecrab

We are nearing the end of the Florida Stone Crab Season. Season closes on May 15th and with just about over a month left it's time to get the last hauls of claws in while you can. When you break off the claw it is important to do so properly so the crab will live and regenerate it's claw. The Stone Crab will regenerate its claw until it reaches legal size to harvest again. 

Learn How To Make Your Own Stone Crab Traps

In this article I teach you how to make your own stonecrab trap. I not only include the materials and tools you will need to build it, but also a step by step process to do so. 

DIY Stonecrab Trap (How To)

Do not put the claws on ice. This will cause the meat too stick too the shell, instead you want too put them in a bucket with saltwater or boil them as soon as possible to preserve the meat and make it taste better. You can either steam or boil the claws usually up to 10 minutes and then ice em down and serve chilled or warm if you like. Cooking time depends on the amount of claws you are cooking and the method you are using. A great sauce to dip the claw meat in is honey mustard sauce or Stone Crab Sauce you can find in grocery stores. Also I found out dipping the meat in a dressing like 1000 island dressing sauce works really good. If you are freezing the claws, I like to vacuum seal them but only freeze claws that are cooked. The thick claw shell will protect the meat for several months in the freezer. 

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