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FL Sailfish Season Is Here

Author: Mike Milewski

It is that time of the year in South FL to get out the kites and target SAILFISH!

Let’s cover some of the basics for Kite fishing the ledge in South FL


30W Reels- High Speed either 6:1 or 7:1 gear ration (20lb Bullbuster mono)

7ft Live bait rods

Pitch bait spinning set ups

Electric Kite reel, rod, and line with 3 kite release clips

Kites- light wind, Med, and High wind for all different conditions

Terminal tackle: Circle hooks, bullbuster snap swivels, small egg weights. Floats, ceramic rings, rubber bands, needle and beads

60lb floro carbon leader (14ft)

Sea anchor

Kite Trident

Live Bait Gogs

Now that you have all your specialized gear rigged and your live well blacked out with baits it is time to clear the inlet for your first drift.

First get to the backside of the ledge you are going to work on your first drift. Make sure you take a few minutes before launching your kite to determine your drift speed and direction. Of course this is going to change on a daily basis based on the wind speed, wind direction and current. Now it’s time to launch your kite. I like to point the bow of the boat into the wind and bump in and out of gear holding that heading. After your kite is flying and no adjustments need to be made, let your kite out until you come to your first kite clip.

Take your ceramic ring above your float and attach it to the first kite clip. At the same time your designating bait man, should be bridling the gog (live Bait) to the circle hook which is attached to the 14ft leader and attached the main line by a snap swivel. Once your bait is ready to go the bait can be tossed over and let the kite line out to the 2nd clip and repeat the process until 3 baits are out.

Now you’re KITE FISHING!!! 3 baits are looking perfect, your team mate is manning the kite station making sure all baits remain in the water and adjusting the lines as need be. After the fish strikes one of your kite baits point your rod towards the fish and engaged your drag to the strike position. The line should drop out of the kite clip and you will need to REEL REEL REEL!! There will be and excess of slack in the line. Once you come tight the circle hook will set by itself.

The Fight is ON!!! Enjoy it!!!

Thanks Bullbuster for all your support !!!

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