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Fishing The Jetty At Doheny Beach

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Fishing The Jetty At Doheny Beach

I lived in a Dana Point for about 5 months. One of the most relaxing places in town was jetty off of Doheny Beach.  On the South side of the jetty you have Doheny Beach , and more surfers then you can count on most days, on the North side of the jetty you have Dana Wharf, and the bait barge.  I usually made it down to the jetty in the evenings as part of a break between working before and after dinner.  There were a few times I was able to bring my family down to the jetty, but most of the times I ventured down on my own. 

Species I Encountered After A Few Months Of Fishing On The Jetty

There were many days that I got skunked, not going to lie.  I usually mixed it up between soft plastics, and bait.  Tried one day with sharking equipment, but didn’t get any results there.  

I personally landed a halibut and some mackerel.  My Uncle Kevin landed a sculpin and Fiona lost something big in the dark, probably a big halibut.  During my hours on the jetty I saw people land a number of species including lobster, leopard sharks, more halibut, and a number of small fish, that looked kind of like a rockfish (I’m not really sure what they are). 

While fishing on the Jetty I saw a number of spotted bay bass dart their way through, but never saw anyone land any of them.  

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