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Fishing Line: Pulling A Truck With 400lb Mono!

Author: Christopher Meza

Here’s a short video on how we pulled one of our trucks in neutral with 400lb mono. The idea behind the video was to make something real quick for YouTube but also wanted to show that a leader that is not crimped will work just fine. 

We used some 400lb mono and used one of our everyday knots to attach an 18/0 circle hook and on the other end a small loop to go over the ball. you will see the mono stretch and then the red ford starts to move without any issues. Inspected our knots and everything stayed in place like it should. We had tied this knot about a year ago and it’s been sitting in our tackle bag for quite some time. Next video we plan to make will start with 100lb mono and work are way up to 400lb and see if anything less than 400lb can pull a truck in neutral.

Check out some of our other videos we recently posted. We mainly fish our two freshwater lakes in san Antonio and fish from Port A to PINS. Some of our recent videos include catching kingfish off the rocks and landing a PB shark off the south jetty in Port Aransas. We use a lot of Bullbuster mono ranging from 20lb to 125lb. well thanks for watching our video and reading this article! I hope that you can subscribe and if you fish in Texas and have a YouTube channel, drop a comment on this video and we will subscribe.

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