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Fishing Line For Trolling For Ahi

Author: Bullbuster Team

Are You Looking To Spool Reels For Ahi Fishing In Hawaii?

Ahi fishing can be a both exciting and profitable endeavor if you do it right.   Ahi are Lb for Lb one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean, so many Ahi fishermen use extremely heavy tackle to fish for them especially when they are fishing commercially.  Heavy tackle means a lot of line and that cost can add up.  Check out the article to the right if you are spooling reels for commercial ahi fishing

Here on we carry a spool that many ahi fishermen are using to keep fresh line on their reels at all times.  Ultimately this leads to more catches. 

If you need help figuring what Lb test line you should be using for ahi, check out the linked text just before this. 

Check the 22Lb spools below to get your best bang for your buck on heavy monofilament lines. 

Bulk Monofilament For Ahi

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