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Fishing In The Patapsco River (Maryland)

Author: Colby Uva

Hiking, Fishing, & Swimming Along The Daniel's Area Of The Patapsco River

If you are from DC or Baltimore and are looking for an area to take your kids on the weekend to get out in the wilderness and put down the electronics for once try heading up to the Daniel's Area of the Patapsco River. 

The Patapsco empties out into the Baltimore Harbor and flows into the Chesapeake Bay, but it has about 30 miles of access points as you head west.  

Fiona and I traveled North from DC this weekend to hike, swim, and do a bit of fishing.  We found the river on a website showing the best rivers to swim in the DC area. The Patapsco looked like the deepest one with the most access for swimming so that is the one that we chose. 

We first tried to go to "Patapsco State Park" , but this is really not where you want to go when trying to get a good swim in.  We realized that quickly when we arrived, its campsite without a ton of deep swimming access. The rangers recommended the Daniels area, so this is where we headed next.  

Skip paying for entrance (like we did at the State Park) and head straight to the Daniels area. 

The Daniels area is cool because it has a damn and a good hike just north of the Damn.   We did a bit of fishing right by the damn and had a few fish chase the lure, but all we ended up getting was a dead bluefish we snagged lol. 

Anyways we ended up taking the hiking trail North of the Damn and THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.  

About half a mile north from the damn there is a rope swing that is actually pretty intense being that the "ladder " to get up to it is pretty spread apart, but its a good jump.  

Below is a cool drone video of the area posted on Youtube by  Youtuber "Michael Roche" 

Under the rope swing if you stick your feet in there are a ton of shad/herring that will come up to your feet and eat the dead skin off.  We snagged a few of these and proceeded to catch back to back sunfish.  We didn't have a camera because hey, sometimes its about putting away all of the electronics and just getting outdoors. 

I would recommend this as a place to take your small children to get them out in the wilderness and put away their electronics.  It can also serve as a great place to introduce them to fishing because they can fish and catch back to back and then if they have a short attention span just throw em in the water . :). 

Check out this video by Youtuber "1Rod1Reel" heading out to fish this same spot.   Wish I would have watched his video before to be more prepped for what we would see, but now you are: 

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