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Fishing From Land In Miami (Beaches, Bridges, & Piers)

Author: Colby Uva

Fishing From Land In Miami

Fishing From Land In Miami

Compared to the rest of Florida, Miami is not the most land-based fishing-friendly city.  The city is known for its party culture and has grown from almost nothing in the '50s to a large metropolitan city with plenty of investment from Latin America and the Caribean as many use it to park their money in a less politically chaotic environment.  In recent years especially fueled by the Corona Virus, there has been a push from larger, more expensive cities such as San Fransisco and New York City where living costs have gotten out of hand and the politicians have gotten in on the action. This is not to mean that there are no fishing options from land in Miami, however, the "legal" spots are just less than it would be in a smaller Florida town. 

Target Species From Land In Miami

Below are target species that can be caught from land in Miami in both freshwater and saltwater. 

Saltwater Species That Can Be Caught From Land In Miami

There are a good number of species to be caught in Miami from the land. Below I will list a few: 

1) Snook

2) Tarpon

3) Barracuda

4) Jack Crevalle

5) Blue Runner

6) Mangrove Snapper

7) Lane Snapper

8) Cubera Snapper

9) Mutton Snapper

10) Bluefish

11) Blacktip Shark

12) Bull Shark 

13) Bonnethead Shark

14) Hammerhead Shark 

Freshwater Species That Can Be Caught From Land In Miami

1) Peacock Bass

2) Largemouth Bass

3) Mayan Ciclid

4) Oscar

5) Carp

6) Alligator Gars

Where You Can Fish From Land In Miami (Saltwater)

Fishing Spots In Miami

1) Haulover Inlet Pier - The Southside of Haulover Inlet Pier has been cemented with a sidewalk so that you can fish on it.  

Below is a great video posted on Youtube by "Sea-Money Fishing" that shows you what fishing looks like off of the Haulover Inlet:

2) South Beach- The fishing can be good on the Southernmost part of South Beach by the rocks in the early morning, and early evening when there are fewer people on the beach. This is especially true during the fall mullet run. 

Below is a video posted by "" that shows you what the fall action can look like on South Beach. 

3) South Pointe Pier - There is a fishing pier located on the inside of Government cut. 

Below is a video posted by "Extreme Fishing Philly" that gives you a good tour of the pier. 

4) Rickenbacker Causeway (Old Bridge) - There is a smaller bridge under the Rickenbacker Causeway that allows you to fish. During the winter this is a great spot to target the shrimp run. 

Below is a video posted on Youtube by "Eliades Martinez" that shows you what fishing on the Rickenbacker Causeway looks like. 

5) Bill Bags State Park Piers (Key Biscayne) -  Bill Bags State Park has a number of fishing piers that face the inside of the Biscayne Bay.

Below is a video posted on Youtube by "ExtremeH18" that shows you what fishing is like on the Bill Bags Piers. 

Where You Can Fish From Land In Miami (Freshwater) 

There are extensive canal systems in South Florida and lakes in Miami Dade County.  

1) Snapper Creek Canal System 

2) Lakes Behind Houses In Kendall

3) Lakes Behind Houses In Culter Bay

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