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Fishing From Land In Ensenda

Author: Colby Uva

Can You Fish From Land In Ensenada Mexico?

This weekend Fiona and I took a ride down from San Diego into Mexico to do a little bit of exploring.  I've been in San Diego for about a year and heard a lot about Baja but had never made the trip.  We settled on Ensenada because it was close enough to get to for a short weekend trip.  (Its a little over a 2 hour drive). 

Before heading down I searched about buying a fishing license online.  I found Mexico's user friendly website to buy my license and was legal shortly afterwards. 

We found a nice Airbnb (very inexpensive [$34.00/night]) that was 2 blocks from the beach and a little bit north of Downtown Ensenada. 

 The first night we walked down to the beach to see if we could catch some dinner. I was using a 2 oz jig head and a generic soft plastic bait. I had loaded up my spinning reel with 20Lb bullbuster braid and was using 40Lb fluorocarbon fishing line as leader.   I took a few casts from the rocks and the found an area where there were submerged rocks within 20 yds from the beach.  A few casts and this area and I had a nice Sanbass for dinner. 

The sun was coming down so we headed up to make some fish tacos.   I will definitely be coming back to fish from land in Ensenada.  Our trip continued as we had a few other questions to answer on our exploratory trip to Ensenada Mexico.  

1) Can you go to a vineyard and fish in the same day in Ensenada, Mexico?

2) Can you hire a charter boat in Ensenada, Mexico?

3) How much is a fishing charter in Ensenada, Mexico?

4) What type of fish can you catch in Ensenada Mexico?

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