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Fishing For Your Health

Author: Colby Uva

Fish For Your Health, No I Am Serious

* The contents of this article are not medical advice *

Ok, we know that fishing helps you clear your mind, get your priorities straight, get some adrenaline.  Get some time to yourself, party with your friends. But what if your fishing trip could actually be good for your health, literally.  

With rising health costs in the US, countries around the world are beginning to focus on what they call medical tourism.  No, I'm not just talking about some girl who travels to Columbia to get a cheap boob job. I'm talking about dental, eye care, general checkups, surgeries, and more. 

There used to be an argument that health care in the US was expensive because it was the best.   But having watched two grandparents die in the hospital and spend thousands of dollars in the process, I can tell you that is a crock of shit. Literally, when they shit themselves it doesn't matter if you are paying thousands of dollars, you need to fight to get someone to come help clean them. Also, you better be there in the hospital to make sure they get the right medicine. 

You can spend hundreds of thousands on healthcare for the VERY best specialist.  But lets be honest, not everyone can do that. Especially with basic healthcare "maintenance" lets call it.   Now, I'm not out here saying healthcare is a right, but you as an individual have a right to make sure that your health is taken care of and you damn well should. 

So, look this article is not for everyone, its for fishermen. Here I want to help you line up your health "maintenance" with your "Therapy".

Lets get started. 

A quick google search into medical tourism

Ok, so look above, top 10 countries for medical tourism. Ok, we have Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand to name a few. Shit, looks like some good places to go fishing. 

Ok, so Google searches aren’t enough right.  The internet is a crazy place. Or at least that is what the media has focused on recently.  Probably it just reflects the real world where there is all kinds of crazy shit and crazy people, and together they make up the internet until the machines take over and we have terminator. 

So , out in the real world, I am writing this article from San Jose.  Where I have scheduled two appointments. One for my eye, because I have some blood build up in the bottom of it, and the other for a Dentist, because, well I haven’t had a real dentist visit in over a year while moving the company from Miami to San Diego and doing my best to get all you people line on time. Thank you for your business, it has been one of the greatest honors of my life to serve you. 

So, I’ve got two appointments here in San Jose, Dentist, and an Ophthalmologist (got it confused the first time, and went to a place in Dana Point that was an Optometrist where they tried to sell me glasses). If you happen to want to know the difference between an Opthamologist and an Optemtrist click the blue to the left. 

It Pays To Go Fishing

Let's start with prices.  

Opthamologist US Price -  $200 for initial visit (source

Opthamologist Costa Rica Price -  $105.00 source = me sending an email to find out. 

Ok, the Dental visit. 

2021 Dental Prices Guide (US)

Dentist With X-Ray and Cleaning US - $288 (source)

Dentist With X-Ray and Cleaning Costa Rica - $110 source, my emails

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