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Fishing For Yellowfin Tuna & Wahoo On Isabella Island Galapagos

Author: Bullbuster Team

Fishing Offshore Isabella Island Galapagos

Isabella is the largest Island in the Galapagos, however its population is quite small compared to its size.  Unlike more populated islands like San Cristobal or Puerto Ayora, Isabella retains a charm by its small town feel.  The streets are still dirt and there are only a few cars on the island. Since there are not so many cars, each car is effectively a cab.  There is a small fisherman's coop made up of mainly commercial fisherman, however you can hire a boat to go Eco Fishing. 

The fishing is good!  Mainly made up of 20-30Lb yellowfin and 30-60Lb wahoo. Most fisherman here fish with a hand line wrapped a few times around the seat of a boat, so I would recommend bringing your own gear. 

Gear To Bring For Fishing In The Galapagos 

Lures For Fishing In The Galapagos

The main method of fishing in Isabella is trolling and with skirts will work for the yellowfin, the main prize here is the wahoo so bring a number of large Rapala Xraps. They are worth their weight in gold down there so be sure to bring a few for the locals, they will be grateful. We won the Isabella tournament using this reel. 

Rod & Reel Setup To Bring To The Galapagos

The best rod and reel setup for down here is a 30 wide. You can bring smaller trolling gear,  but make sure it is backed with at least 50Lb braid.  

Other Things To Make Sure You Have

- Make sure to bring at least #9 wire and plenty of it.  This is hard to find. 

- Vertical Jigs - There are some bottom fish to be caught here. 

- Spinning Rod - This can be used for vertical jigging. 

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