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Fishing For Reds In The Bay

Author: #TeamDorsal

Big reds love our bay waters in our local area. When targeting large bulls in the bay we like to do a couple different style rigs. First being 40lb bullbuster mono leader with a large 6/0 circle hook and a 6oz weight. We go and find medium sized mullet in the bay and cast a net full. Put them out LIVE because live bait is always the best. The nest rig is a free line 40lb mono leader with 6/0 circle hook. The mullet we use are on the medium sized they are bigger then finger mullets so they can swim with the hook in them. Find your current a let the water help take your bait out. With the free line combo i fish a light drag so i can hear him grab it and set the hook. With the bottom rig I fish a heavy drag so the hook sets itself. I have found in the bay redfish have a much deeper color to them. When caught from the beach they are almost white. They match their surroundings perfect. Fun for a quick picture and released to grow and reproduce. Conservation is key to keeping a healthy population of fish. I want to be able to take my grandchildren to these same water holes and teach them what I was taught. Spool your reels with 30lb bullbuster braid to cast your line out far and smooth. A high tide in the bay is the best time to fish. This allows these larger fish to come into the shallows and eat the prey fish hiding. Tight lines #TeamDorsal

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