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Fishing For Catfish In The Potomac River

Author: Bullbuster Team

The Bullbuster Community Catfish Master

This is an article featuring one of our most active members of the Bullbuster Community.  Over the past year Corey Jones of Team Reel Deal has shown his ability to successfully land big catfish consistently on the Potomac river. Below you will find: 

1) A Number Of Reports By Corey Jones on Fishing The Potomac River

2) A Number Of Resources From The Web To Help You Catch More Catfish

But first.... check out the video below by #BullbusterAmbassador Corey Jones of Team Reel Deal.

Report #1 

Slow start, Strong Finish Catfishing.

Well we've been fishing hard the past couple days here in maryland and the bite for catfishing has been very slow not sure what's going on the fish are being very picky I hope it picks up soon so we can get more pictures up.

After waiting and waiting we finally had some big Cats that were hungry and up to the challenge. Hope the video posted on here if not look up team reel deal fishing catfishing the potomac river. Very excited about the video it's awesome and I can't wait to make more especially when we start shark fishing.

Report #2

Potomac River Catfish Report (February)

Saturday Feb 17th we were finally able to get back out on the river. Here in in MD everything was frozen over for about 2 months needless to say I was going insane not being able to fish every weekend like I wanted to. We started our day at 5 am and driving an he south to DC.

We got the boat in the water and headed down river to hit a creek that we catch shad. A buddy of mine told me the bait has been slow to catch in the creek so I knew it was going to take awhile. Luckily for us we only had to set the net out 3 times and caught plenty for the day. We got everything situated and headed back up river to hit a few holes that haven't been hit since Oct. We got anchored up at the first spot and landed this 32 lb blue catfish within 20mins of setting out all the lines. We caught probably 2 more smaller ones out of that hole and stayed for about an hour then decided to head up river to Georgetown. The bite was pretty steady through out the day we managed about 8 catfish and the second picture of my buddy David with his personal best of 30lbs. All in all a great day on the water not the giant 50lb plus cats we were looking for but I'm greatful for every fish we catch.

Report #3

December Catfishing In The Potomac River

Dec 24th 2017

The morning started out at 7 am we got to the boat ramp and headed up river to catch bait. The bites been really slow lately with the temperature dropping but I was confident we would get on some fish. Took us about 20 min to catch bait in the gill net and we were heading back down river to find some big blues. 

I decided that today I would fish all new spots instead of the same spots I fish all the time so I stopped at the ww bridge and anchored up. It didn't take long and we hooked up to 2 fish around 18lbs. Then landed a couple more little catfish around 15 lbs.

It was going on around noon and the wind was blowing around 10 mph the temp was around 35 degrees and it was pretty darn cold. It was wind against tide so the waves on the water were coming over the boat luckily I have a bilge pump and had that running almost all day. 

When the tide switched and it finally calmed down I decided to hit one last spot before leaving and with in 15 min we were hooked up to this 25lb blue. Gordy was speechless when he saw this fish come to the boat. We needed up with about 10 fish that day. I let him reel all the fish in I was trying to get him a fish 40 plus pounds but maybe next time.all in all it was a good Christmas eve for us .

Report # 4

November Potomac Blue Catfish

Sunday November 12th we started the day going to Virginia waters to set the gill nets out to catch shad. It's been very slow for bait this year so we got down early to have plenty if time to catch enough bait to fish the incoming tide. 2 hours go by and finally got enough bait to fish for the day and we made our way down river. I brought my buddy Jared with me and it was his first time being on the lower Potomac for the big blues. We got to the first spot and anchored up wasn't but 5 min after we got all the rods out I landed this cat fish that weighed in the high 30s. Before we could even get it back in the water another rod doubled over and Jared was hooked up to a big blue cat. It weighed 46lbs. The look on his face was hilarious when he saw this big catfish come to the surface. We were on the fish all day we ended up with 12. We got a few in the high 30s and some smaller ones and biggest fish being 46lbs all in all a great day on the water.

Report # 5

Fishing For Blue Cats On Potomac River

First day back on the water for some blue catfish stared out the day at 5 am driving an hour south to Washington DC. We unloaded the boat to head down river to catch some bait. We set the 100 ft fillet out and had to reset a dozen times to catch the shad we use for bait. We managed to get 8 shad which isn't good this time of year we should have gotten a lot more then that but I believe the water is still to warm for the bait and the bite on the lower Potomac.

We headed back up into DC and set up under the memorial bridge where it took less then 10 min to hook up to this 30lb blue catfish. Figured it was gonna be a good day but I was wrong it took another hour to land another little blue cat that was only 23 lbs. Then day 2 I was able to take my buddy to the same spot where he landed another 30 Lber and a flat head. I really enjoy taking people down that have never got to fight these big blues and he ended up catching a little flat head as well which we've never caught in the 6 yrs I've been going down so just that made the trip worth it. 

Report # 6

Thank You For Your Service

Very blessed and grateful for being able to take my life long friend and military buddy out fishing today before he gets deployed awesome day on the water nothing to big I believe big fish of the day was 32lbs but memories to last a lifetime time. Just wanna take the time and thank all the men and women that serve this country thanks and God bless all of you. Team reel deal is heading back out tomorrow to fish DC.

Report # 7

December Catfishing The Potomac River

team reel deal fishing with a couple decent fish today couldn't weigh them cause my scale broke but I would guess 30lb or so maybe a little bigger. We had to use smaller baits because they were being picky plus the water temperatures are at 38 degrees but we will be back at it again tomorrow morning so I hope we can land a monster. 

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