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Fishing Dock Lights

Author: Carson Duncan

Crazy Night Fishing Thanks To Dock Lights!

Fishing docks lights at night is a great way to beat the heat during the summer. It can provide great action for people of all skill levels. The most important thing about fishing the docks is having good tidal flow. The fish on lights usually will not eat unless the tide is moving. When approaching a light you want to be very quiet, if you spook the fish on the light even though they may come back they probably won't eat. Don't feel like you need to fish a light for a long time, if the fish on that particular light are going to eat the bait they usually will on the first few cast. One of the most important parts to fishing a dock light is the bait. You want to match whatever bait the fish are feeding on. For people throwing live bait, having a small hook is very important because you want the bait to swim as it would if there was no hook in it. For people throwing lures or fly, there is no need to throw massive baits even if the fish on the light are big. Most of the time in the Tampa Bay Area, fish are feeding on glass minnows and small white baits. For both the live bait, and the artificial fisherman fluorocarbon leader is a must. The 20lb BullBuster fluorocarbon line is my go to when fishing dock lights. If you are getting broken off to much, you can bump up to the fluorocarbon leader to 30lbs. Driving the boat at night can be challenging in some areas so be safe, and make sure all of your lights are working. 

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