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Fishing Boat Rental San Diego

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Best Place To Rent A Boat For Fishing In San Diego

Whether you are visiting San Diego for the day or live here and want to use a boat to go fishing every once in a while this article is for you. There are a number of places to rent a boat in San Diego at a reasonable price. 

Bay Boat Rentals 

In San Diego you can rent a bay boat for less than $200.00 including gas. The advantage of the bay boat is that you can cover a lot of ground and you can make your way over to Bait Barge at the entrance to San Diego Bay.  

Skiff Rentals 

An economical option to get out and catch fish in San Diego is renting a skiff.  Skiffs can be rented for $50 for a 1/2 day of fishing and have tiller steering engines.  Some skiffs have live wells which can be beneficial if you are planning on live baiting. 

Locations To Rent Boats In San Diego

The main two locations to rent boats in San Diego are the Mission Bay Area and the San Diego Bay area. 

Mission Bay Boat Rental Options

If you are planning on renting a boat in the mission bay area there are two options.  

Option 1:  Dana Landing Boat Rentals

Option 2:  Seaforth Boat Rentals 

San Diego Bay Boat Rental Options

Both skiffs and bay boats can be rented from Seaforth Boat Rentals on Coronado Island. 

Coronado Island Boat Rentals

Species That Can Be Caught From A Rented Boat

The main species that can be targeted from a rented boat are Spotted Bay Bass and Halibut.   Other potential species include pacific barracuda, mackerel, bonefish, and leopard sharks.

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