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Fishing At Night In South Florida

Author: Double Threat Charters (Alumni)

Summer Charter Fishing At Night In Miami

Snook Fishing Miami
Captain Brent with a nice July spawning snook and another happy customer!

Down here in Miami, the summer doldrums are upon us. A great way to dodge the heat is by taking advantage of nighttime fishing opportunities this time of year. If we are fishing at night this time of year, we are typically targeting snook, snapper, or swordfish

Calm Weather Means Night Time Swordfishing Is More Comfortable

Summer time is the time of the year in Miami when we are lucky enough to have lake calm days offshore.  On nights like this, it is a great time to take advantage of the weather and venture 15+ miles offshore to get to the swordfish grounds.  Tangle with the gladiator of the ocean without braving huge swells during summer months between June & Sept.

While snook fishing we like to focus our efforts around the inlets. During July these fish are spawning and will be much more aggressive than normal. Artificial lures work but pilchards, pinfish, or mullet are a great bet. 

Snook Start Piling Up In In Government Cut

For snook, we like to use 60lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon leader to help with abrasion resistance. Our main line is usually 30 or 50 lb Bullbuster braid. When fishing at night, high-vis mainline definitely helps.  We usually fish live pinfish in the inlets this time of year.  The snook are not shy when SLAMMING the pinfish we use.  It is not un-common for us to catch 4-5 snook on a calm summer night while fishing in the Government Cut. 

Plenty Of Mangrove Snapper In Late Summer Months

On the reefs, mangrove snapper are readily available during the summer months. Anchoring in 30-60 feet of water on the edge of the reef line and chumming heavily is a great way to get them behind the boat. After setting up the slick, we like flat lining dead shrimp or silversides so they drift with the chum. We use either 12lb Bullbuster Monofilament or 20lb  Bullbuster Braid on light tackle spinning combos for the snapper. As leader, we like to use 20lb fluorocarbon.

This type can be a blast for the whole family since it is non-stop action.  You also will get some good fillets to take home with you. 

Tight Lines, 

Capt.  Brent Feder (Double Threat Fishing Charters)

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