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Fisher Finder Battery – Dakota 12v 10Ah

Author: Team American Yaker - RIZZO

 Best Batteries To Use For Your Fishing Kayak

Dakota 12v 10ah battery

When choosing a fish finder battery for your kayak there are several things you need to take in consideration. You need a battery that will support your fish finder and other electronics on your kayak i.e. lights and micro power pole. You really want a light battery. This will shave weight off your drag and help with loading. You also want a battery that will last a long time because it isn’t easy installing and setting up a battery on a kayak.  

      With that being said, I’m currently in the market for a lighter, leaner and more reliable battery. After going through 4 different batteries over the last 2 years it’s time to make a change. The issues I’m having with my current and previous batteries are they are not lasting more that 4 hours and after 6 months the batteries fail to hold a charge. My previous setup on my Hobie Outback and Old Town Predator PDL was a 12v 7ah and then a 12v 9ah battery. Both were sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. These batteries are pretty much like your car battery.  They’re inexpensive and easily recharged but they’re also very heavy. They typically weight between 5-10 pounds depending on size. Another downfall when using a SLA battery is their life cycle. They typically only last around 300 to 400 charges depending on your conditions. For me that’s roughly a year or so of fishing.

austin kayak battery

       After researching and talking to other kayakers on the water I have come to conclusion that my next battery will be a Dakota 12v 10ah battery. There are several reasons why I choose this battery. Number one being its weight. As I wrote about before, dragging you kayak in the soft white Florida sand is very very difficult especially when you kayak weighs 145lbs dry. Then add your gear, water, food and bait and you’re looking at almost 200 pounds. So, trimming any addition weight is critical. The Dakota 12v 10ah battery only weighs 2 pounds! That’s insane especially when comparing it to a SLA battery at 5-10lbs. My second reason for choosing the Dakota battery is their life cycle. As mentioned before, a SLA battery’s life cycle is roughly 3-400 charges. The Dakota battery’s life cycle is roughly 2,000 charges. That’s more 5 times as much as the SLA. Lastly and probably the most important reason why I choose the Dakota 12v 10ah battery is its battery life aka discharge rate. The Dakota 12v 10ah battery will last you almost 10 hours! Yes 10 hours! Again, that is insane! You average SLA battery will only last you roughly 4 hours when fully charged.

         So, inclusion, the Dakota 12v 10ah battery will be my next fish finder battery. Comparing it to the SLA battery, buying a Dakota battery is a no brainer… its lighter, last longer and is the most reliable battery on the market and it only cost $99.


--- American Yaker David Wood 

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