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Fish Peak Activity Periods

Author: Ryan Carson

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As I discussed in my article on Solunar theory, every day has four peak activity times. These coincide with the two MAJOR and two MINOR times throughout each day. Even though every day has 2 major periods and 2 minor periods some days have other factors that help contribute into making them a little bit better. There are certain days each month that are far better than the rest of the month. These are known as peak activity periods. The general time frame of these peak activity periods fall a couple days around the new moon and full moon.  There are generally two in every month with the rare occurrence of third happening. This happened in January 2018 where we had a full moon on January 1st, a new moon on January 16th and another full moon on January 31st. The best activity of the entire month will be seen during these periods.

Now depending on the area you are fishing your selection from bait to lure will change. This is something you are going to have to switch in and out to see what works. Some spots lures will be the ticket during these peak activity periods while others fish won’t touch anything but fresh or live bait. This is something to put in your log book(1) as a note as this will help you in future fishing trips. If you are constantly catching fish on lures in the same spot full moon after full moon but never get anything on bait it’s probably a solid sign not to waste time or money bait fishing that area. This also works the other way if you’re constantly catching on bait and can never seem to get a strike on a lure.

1.    Logging your catch

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