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Fish Fighting Techniques For Fish Caught On The Troll

Author: Jaren Luke

Preparing for Big-Game Trolling Season

 With the beginning of summer already here, many fishermen including myself are working hard preparing for this big-game trolling season. These preparations include replacing line in reels, replacing leaders, sharpening hooks, and re-skirting lures. 

However, as many of us are doing these physical preparations I think many overlook the mental preparations and drilling for when the plan comes together and that big fish you been waiting for is on your line. Therefore I am going to go through the mental preparations I do before each fishing season. 

Night fishing

The fighting techniques are fairly simple for ono (Wahoo) and mahimahi (Dorado) being that they are usually smaller in size. For these smaller fish we usually just keep the boat moving straight ahead as to not tangle lines and bring the fish straight in. 

Ono Fishing Hawaii
For smaller fish like ono and dorado we tend to keep the boat moving when we hook up. This allows us to keep our spread out which gives us the potential for multiple hookups.

  For bigger ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) all lines are cleared and the boat is usually turned sideways in the trough with the line on the up sea side of the boat. Then the engine is shut off and the leg of the motor is lifted as high as it can go. Tuna are usually predictable and once the first run is over they dive and come up in nice big circles. Also the rocking of the boat in the trough can be used as a pump or boost of the rod and line is gained when that side of the boat comes back down. 

Ahi(Yellowfin Tuna) Hawaii
For big ahi we clear all of the lines and turn the boat sideways in the trough. Tuna usually fight it nice big circles after their first run, so you are fighting them straight up and down.

  The most complicated type of fight is for marlin due to its exciting acrobatics and power. In this case the lines are also cleared and the boat is kept moving forward preferably down sea. The key is to keep the fish always trailing behind the boat and never perpendicular or in front as it makes its run. Many marlin have been lost by broken line due to the belly of the line or when the fish doubles back and jumps on the line. As the fish approaches the boat it is very important to keep the fish swimming behind the boat and alongside it so it doesn't run under the boat.

Ahi Spread
Our ahi spread at day break with a great view of the island in the background.

These techniques have helped my friends and I land more fish with fewer complications during the fight and I hopes this helps with the upcoming season. Aloha.

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