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Fish A Nightcrawler

Author: Bullbuster Team

What Is A Nightcrawler?

Is a large earthworm that is one of the most popular fishing baits for beginners in freshwater fishing.  Just about any freshwater fish will eat a night crawler.  

How To Fish A Night Crawler

One of the best ways to fish a night crawler is under a bobber with a small J-Hook.  This video by "Rated Red" on Youtube gives you a great view and great explanation on how to fish a night crawler. 

Where To Find Night Crawlers

Many tackle stores will carry packs of night crawlers, this is probably the easiest way to get your hands on a pack.  You can actually go out and catch night crawlers yourself. This may be a fun activity to do with your kids. 

Below is a video posted on Youtube by "Lively Legz/Living For The Outdoors" on how to catch them. 

Make An Electric Worm Getter

Bellow is a video posted on Youtube by "Total Fisherman" on how to make yur own Electric Worm Getter.  This is a highly effective tool for catching a ton of night crawlers. 

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