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Find Fishing Tackle Near Me

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Ways To Find Fishing Tackle Near You

The internet is a great tool to find things you need.  If you on the things you need probably have to do with fishing. We put together this comprehensive guide to find the tackle you need where you are when you need it and how you need it. 

Finding Fishing Tackle When You Are Traveling

In the old days when checking luggage was cheap it was easy to throw your rods into a rod case and travel with them on a plane. Now airlines are charging an arm and a leg to check rods and reels onto planes.  There are also some weird restrictions to lugging your tackle.  For example if you are traveling through Mexico with a carry on, customs officials may ask you to strip the fishing line from your reel (How frustrating is that). 

The Bullbuster team spoke with a couple who traveled from Berlin to San Diego to do a long range fishing trip last month from, and they told us that it cost them more than $900.00 to check their rod case and fishing gear here.  After learning this, they decided that the best solution would be to leave tackle with friends in the locations that they fish most often. 

Some locations provide rental gear for you to use, or you can always book a charter, but face it, a lot of us want to explore the fishing on our own, its kind of part of the process. 

Get Tackle Delivered To You

One way to skip some of the hassle with lugging tackle is to get your tackle delivered to you  from an online store in the location that you are going to.  This even applies to you if you are not going anywhere. Face it, we are all busy, we all have responsibillites we need to take care of, but we still want to spend more time fishing. 

There are two ways to order your tackle online. The first way is to order from an online retailer (they have a great selection and may have a number of items you are looking for at once), this method while convenient can also be costly as online retailers buy their goods from brands and then resell them to you.  They also are often not that experience with e-commerce and may make these purchases a secondary priority since they are dealing with customers face to face on a daily basis, someone who walks into their shop is obviosuly their first priority.  The second way to buy your tackle is online directly from the brand of tackle you are looking to buy.  If this brand only sells online and does not sell to retailers expect large cost savings and excellent online service. 

Finding Local Tackle Vendors

Local brick and motar tackle vendors will always be a thing however they have had to change a lot in recent years to deal with the new reality of the internet.  Tackle stores are starting to focus on what they do best, and that is helping you in person solve your fishing problems.  There are three types of tackle stores: 

1) Big Box Tackle Store - This is your "Walmart Of Tackle Stores", think Bass Pro & Outdoors world.  These tackle stores provide you with an experience. You go inside it is a theme park of fishing stores, there are fish tanks, events, a restaurant and more. Its fun to go there. You save on some things, but often the rest of the goods are more expensive then you would think for such a large store. You are paying to be in a cool place & yea its cool. Workers in stores like these usually have some expertise but for the most part they may not know a whole lot about fishing, but instead get extensive in store training on how to help customers with different aspects of the goods and services the store provides. 

2) Medium Sized Family Owned Stores - Medium sized family owned tackle stores have a wide selection of tackle to fit your needs. They are not only localized but often have fishing tackle that you may need to travel common destinations from that local area. For example a local Tackle Store in Miami (Capt. Harry's Fishing Supply?) carries tackle for anglers that travel to the Bahamas and Central/ South Miami. A local fishing tackle company in San Diego (Squidco Tackle?) also carries tackle for anglers who are going on the Long Range Tuna Boats to Mexico or simply traveling to fish on the Mexican Baja Peninsula.

Medium size tackle stores may sell live bait, but most of them sell frozen bait.

3) Bait & Tackle Stores- - Bait & Tackle stores are your Mom & Pop tackle stores. These stores usually have a good selection of tackle for your local fishing needs as well as stocking the all important live bait. They also usually have a VERY good knowledge base of local fishing reports and work very hard! These are your HARDCORE small business owners. Support your local tackle shops.

Use Craiglist / Facebook Marketplace To Find Tackle Near You

If you know what you want and want to get the best value on your gear. Use an online marketplace.

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