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Filleting/Cooking Gag Grouper

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Cooking Gag Grouper

Gag Grouper are one of my top favorite fish to eat on the dinner table. Season is open now until the end of the year for the delicious Gag Grouper. 

Filleting Your Gag Grouper

When filleting Gag Grouper it is important to have a good sharp knife. I really recommend a Bubba Blade knife which always get the job done. When starting your cut make sure to make a circular cut instead of a diagonal. If you do a diagonal cut you will miss a lot of head meat and you want to get as much meat off the fish as possible. You then fillet the fish as you would any other fish by running your blade on the bone of the fish getting as much meat off as you can and repeat on the other side. Usually the bigger grouper have lots of meat on the cheeks so don't forget about that. You will feel a soft spot on the cheek and cut around it and the knife will do it's job. You end up with a nice Groper nugget. 

My Favorite Way To Cook Gag Grouper

The way I cook my Groper is by blackening it. 

Step 1)

I get a fillet and dip it into butter that I melted and remove it and add seasoning you desire. 

Step 2) 

While I'm doing this I have a iron skillet on high over a propane burner. 

Step 3) 

When the pan is really hot I'll lower the gas and place a fillet on the skillet. Usually I let the fillet cook on each side for about 3-4 minutes until can see they are done. 

Step 4)

Place them when finished on a pan with aluminum foil to cover. One of my favorite things to put over fish is pineapple salsa which you can easily make and is delicious. 

Tip: Fish always taste better when it was caught, filleted, and cooked on the same day.

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