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Favorite Lures For Peacock Bass

Author: Albert Acosta

Peacock Bass Candy!

Peacock Bass Candy
Favorite Lures

If you read my articles you will see that I am a very avid and addicted peacock bass angler. I love those fish and Ive been fishing for them for close to 30 years. I still remember the first time I saw a peacock bass in Florida was with my little brother David. He had told me about them but I never really paid to much attention to it....until the day I hooked up into one. From that day forward I was hooked. The fight and viscious nature of these fish is something else...they are not a largemouth bass. Nothing wrong with a largemouth bass but a peacock bass will eat a bass for breakfast and then eat another one for lunch! They are one of the most aggressive fish you will see hit a lure or bait in freshwater. So if you ever have the chance to come down to Florida and fish for these magnificent fish...DO IT ! You will not be disappointed. So in this article I will go over some of my most favorite type fishing lures and the fishing lines that I use to be most productive when going after these fish. I hope this will help you when you fish for these fish and enjoy them as much as I do. The first type of lures that I use are the minnow type, jerk bait type. I like to use them in a variety of different colors. I like to use their favorite type of prey like the following: Mayans, tilapia, bream, bluegill, bass, and baby peacock bass. These types of baitfish are the peacock bass favorite and they terminate them with extreme anger. The minnow / jerk bait type lures are my favorite and I work them in a variety of different ways. I like floating, suspending and slow sinking types. I like the slow sinking type jerk baits due to the fact that I can work them near the surface for top water hits and let them sink slowly to reach the deeper peas. 

Shallow Minnow Lures
Favorite Lure Types for Peacock Bass

Lures that Peacock Bass Cannot Resist 

These four ire styles and colors are some of my top picks when hunting peacock bass.  Peacock bass will find it very difficult to resist one of these lures. Use ones with stripes and red eyes...they hate the red eyes. Like I mentioned earlier the naturalbait for these fish are other cichlids. A peacock bass is in the cichlids family and they ate their own. Mayans and tilapia are there favorite food source but they will eat about anything that swims in front of them and they can fit in their mouth. Work these lure types fast near the surface for some amazing top water hits or use them to sight cast in the shallows when you see a cruising peacock looking for a quick meal. These lures are very versatile and will deliver some nice peacock action. I get most of my lures custom painted with the color patterns I am specifically looking for. The next round of favorite peacock bass lures are some shallow divers for when the pease are deeper than usual. 

Shallow Divers
Get Them in the Deep

Madjuicy Baits
Baby Tilapia, Baby Pea, and Jointed Golden Shinner

These shallow divers dive but not to deep...about 2-4 feet. This is just enough to get to the spots where the peas could be hiding near some submerged logs, brush, rocks or other structure like rock ledges. I like working these lures near rock ledge drop offs working them parallel to the ledge waiting for a hungry pea to ambush the lure. I have caught some real nice peas on these type of lures as well. Here the lures pictured above from left to right are the red ear sunfish, baby pea, and another baby pea version. Now selecting your fishing line for your reels is just as important. I use Bullbuster 20lb braid on my peacock bass reels with about 20 “ of Bullbuster 20lb Floro. This is a perfect match up when going after these fish. I hope you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish! Remember Spend More Time Fishing and Ryder your fishing lines at

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