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False Albacore And Bonito

Author: Sean Oneil

False Albacore & Bonita From Land In Massachusetts 

False albacore and bonito are one of the most fun yet frustrating fish to target from shore in the north east. They are fast, tricky and eat small lures on light tackle. They come from the deeper waters and move into the north east from late August to late October. In Massachusetts you can catch them around the lower cape and the islands. There have been reports that people have caught them in the canal and even north of that but it is very uncommon. 

How I Target False Albacore & Bonita

I like to fish for False albacore and bonito with small epoxy jigs or small tins. The epoxy jigs are either made by Hogy or Joe Bggs. I fish them from ½ oz to 1 oz. The colors i like are simple. I use white, silver, olive or pink. The False albacore and bonito seem to like these colors the best. When you retrieve the jigs you should feel as fast as possible and have the lure skip on top of the water resembling a fleeing baitfish. 

False albacore and bonito feed on silver sides, sandeels, peanut bunker and other small bait fish. The bait forms big schools and is pushed up by the False albacore and bonito and you can see the bait jump out of the water when they are getting chased. 

My Tackle For Targeting False Albacore & Bonita

I use a 7’6” rod and a 4000 size reel. The rod is a fast action rod and the reel is spooled with 20lb braided line and I add a 15lb fluorocarbon leader using a FG knot. When I am fishing for False albacore and bonito I never use a clip to attach my lure.

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