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Fall Offshore Fishing In South Florida

Author: Michael Bergamo

Fall Offshore Fishing In South Florida

Most of the hype this time of year is largely based around inshore fishing the Fall Mullet Run that slowly starts around the beginning of September. It really heats up towards the end of September and into October, which happens to be right now. While many are targeting Snook, Tarpon, and Redfish it's sometimes forgotten about the offshore action that takes place around the mullet run as well. 

Since summer just ended, everyone is probably still in Mahi mode like we are. Lucky for us the Mahi fishing is typically very good this time of year too and they LOVE mullet. Our tactic of catching Mahis is always the same. Find the fish and blow out live baits. Very simple. What makes it even easier, are the massive amounts of Finger Mullet around. 1 good throw of the net and you're done. Hundreds of Finger Mullet just like that. 

The best part about using Finger Mullet to catch Mahis has to be how how flared they get on these things. Common knowledge is that Mullet tend to stay on the surface and jump when being chased. This makes for some SICK action when you're in a thick group of Mahis. 

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