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Everything You Need To Know About The Shimano Trinidad

Author: Bullbuster Team

About The Shimano Trinidad

Classic  Shimano Trinidad

The Latest Series Of The Shimano Trinidad

This real has a reputation for power and reliability worldwide.  You can't go wrong with its high gear ratio and the new and improved lighter powerful next generation series that Shimano has just released.

Shimano Trinidad Monofilament Line Capacity

Below is the Monofilament line capacity for the Shimano Trinidad series.  If you want to know the monofilament line capacity of any Shimano reel, use our tool.

Monofilament Line Capacity For The Shimano Trinidad

Shimano Trinidad Braided Fishing Line Capacity

Below is the braided line capacity for all Shimano Trinidads.  If you want to know the braided line capacity of any shimano reel, use our tool.

Braided Line Capacity Of The Shimano Trinidad

Shimano Trinidad Reviews

Review For The Shimano Trinidad TN12A

As always “J&H Tackle” puts together a great reel review.  This time for the Shimano Trinidad 12A.

Review Of The Shimano Trinidad TN10A.

Below is another great video review put together by “J&H Tackle” for the Shimano Trinidad TN10A.  We hope you enjoy their insights.

How To Install Bearings On A Shimano Trinidad

This video by “Boca Bearing Company” shows you how to take apart a Shimano Trinidad and install new bearings in there.

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