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Everything You Need To Know About The Diawa Tanacom

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About The Diawa Tanacom Series

These reels are really badass. They are very versatile with their functionality. This is a reel you can kite fishing with, deep drop, even jig!  Yea it has its own jigging function, you can stick it in your rod holder and press jig and the reel will actually jig for you. Another cool feature is that you can set a pre stop, so your swivel connection will not hit your rod and break your guides.  We hope that you enjoy this in depth guide about the Diawa  Tanacom.

3 Main Uses For The Diawa Tanacom

If you want to get more in depth on the three uses for this reel you can scroll past the video reviews below and get down to the applications of this reel.

    1) Deep Dropping
    2) Kite Fishing Reel
    3) Jigging

Reviews For The Diawa Tanacom Series

How To Use All Of The Settings On The Diawa Tanacom

In this video “Diawa Australia” shows you how to work with this hi-tech reel and how to play with the settings without breaking your reel.

Review Of The Diawa Tanacom 1000

This video review of the Diawa Tanacom Series posted by “Bill Ruth” shows talks about some of the cool functionalities (like the fact that the reel can jig on its own).  He also shows the speed and power of the reel.

Testing Out The Diawa Tanacom 750

In this video posted by “Barry Chan” you get to see some of the basic functions of the Diawa Tanacom in action.  There is no question that this is a fun reel to play with.

Braided Line Capacity For The Diawa Tanacom Series

Below you will find the braided line capacities for the Diawa Tanacom Series.   If you want to learn all of the braided line capacities for Diawa Reels check out our line capacity tool.

Braided Fishing Line Capacity For Tanacom Reels

Most Likely You Will Be Using Your Diawa Tanacom For Deep Dropping

Deep Dropping
Colby Uva with some fish caught while deeo dropping off of Bimini Bahamas

Deep dropping is exactly what it sounds like.  Dropping that bait DEEP. Deep dropping can be distinguished from bottom fishing when you are dropping baits deeper than 300 feet. Most anglers who deep drop and have a good depth sounder or good numbers can find an abundance of tasty bottom fish. Deep dropping is often employed as a way to fill the cooler quickly. 

Why Deep Dropping?

Fish caught on the bottom in deeper waters often congregate in large numbers and are usually pretty good eating fish and are not hard to get to bite. 

What Species Are Caught While Deep Dropping?

Snowy Grouper Deep Dropping
Flying Fish Charters with a nice snowy grouper caught offshore Key West.

In the Atlantic and Caribbean deep dropping can yield deepwater snappers and grouper as well as other deep water species such as tilefish and barrel fish. Anglers may also hook other species while deep dropping such as Thresher Sharks  and Manta Rays as well as other rare deepwater fish. 

Common Snappers Caught While Deep Dropping In The Caribbean: 

  • Yellow Eye Snapper

  • Queen Snapper

  • Blackfin Snapper

  • Vermillion Snapper (Beeliners)

Common Groupers Caught While Deep Dropping In The Carribean: 

  • Warsaw Grouper

  • Snowy Grouper

  • Kitty Mitchel Grouper

  • Yellow Edge Grouper

In Southern California deep dropping can yield deepwater rockfish. 

What Tackle Is Used For Deep Dropping?

Electric Reels For Deep Dropping

Because of the depth and the depth of the water and the size of the lead required anglers often use electric reels to target the deep water fish. A Diawa Tanacom is on the smaller end of the electric reels for deep dropping, but that doesn't mean the thing does not pack a punch. Anglers who use Diawa Tanacoms for deep dropping often use 65Lb - 80Lb braided fishing lines to slice through the water with lighter weight and get down to those fish.

Rigging For Deep Dropping

Most anglers who deep drop use a heavy leader (300LB Test Plus) for multiple uses and fish multiple circle hooks. The rig which can be up to 8 feet long often has 3-6 hooks circle hooks and ends with a snap swivel to connect a large lead.  Leads can be anywhere from 2 Lbs up to 15 lbs depending on the depth and current speed where fish are being targeted. 

(Check Out This List Of Deep Drop Rig Manufacturers)

What Baits Do Anglers Use For Deep Dropping?

Deep Dropping
A string full of Yellow Eyes topped off with a Queen Snapper caught by Landshark outdoors

The two most important factors for deep dropping baits is scent and staying power. You are dropping a bait several hundred to over 1000 feet down there is very little light down there.  You want the fish to be able to smell it and then to be able to bite at it for a while until each hook has a fish on it. 

Common Baits For Deep Dropping Include:

  • Squid

  • Barracuda Chunks (Skin on)

  • Bonita Chunks (Skin on)

  • Notice above we noted “skin on”, this is because skin is the toughest part of the bait and you will want to put your hook through the skin of the bait to keep it on for longer.

You May Also Use Your Diawa Tanacom For Kite Fishing

For kite fishing you are going to want to spool your Tanacom similarly to your deep dropping setup using 65Lb -80Lb braided fishing lines.

Kite Fishing Basics Explained: (The Diawa Tanacom Is The Reel You Connect To Your Kite)

We found two great videos to explain the basics of kite fishing. Both cover similar stuff but it doesn't hurt to see two different people explain the same concept. Watch both and see what you get from each. 

How To Adjust Your Bridle For High Wind Condition Kite Fishing
When the wind is really howling you don't need your kite to fly as high to stay up. Adjust your bridle by moving it TOWARD your kite to fly your kite slightly lower than you would fish in normal conditions.

How To Adjust Your Bridle For Kite Fishing In Low Wind Conditions
When you don't have too much wind to work with adjust your kite so that it goes much higher. The last thing you need is a lapse in the wind and an instantly wet kite. Adjust your bridle by moving it AWAY from your kite to get it to fly lower.

 The first video is by Peter Miller who along with his team on the Get Lit became a world sailfish champion while kite fishing in Key West, he is now the host of the hit TV show Bass To Billfish that brings people from around the country to fish in Florida.  

A few useful tips from Peter Miller's video: 

1) Put a balloon on the back of your kite so that you don't loose your kite if you dump it! 

2) He prefers using stainless steel kite rings instead of ceramic rings, because they have had ceramic rigs break. 

3) Adjust your weight depending on the wind speeds. 

This second video is by Cpt. Joe Gozdz who is the host of the Florida Sportsman show Reel Time.  This show is pretty awesome because Cpt. Joe fishes around Florida with local fishermen who interact with the Florida Sportsman Forum.

Some Useful Tips From Cpt. Joe Gozdz video: 

1) Practice Makes Perfect

2) To set up a kite rod all you need is an old senator with 60 -80Lb braid

3) Keep your float a few feet out of the water and use it as an indicator.

Trolling From Kites For Tuna:

A less well known application of kite fishing is trolling for tuna.  This is a great video explaining how to troll for tuna by Cpt. Carlos Vazquez of  Pochos charters in Mexico.  

A few useful tips from Cpt. Carlos's video: 

1) Troll your flying fish about 200-300ft. behind the boat

2) Use a trailer hook for better hookup ratios.

3) The further back the flying fish the better for swimming action.

Diawa Tanacom As A Jigging Reel

Diawa Tanacoms were designed for jigging, they even have special setttings for this application.

Read More About Jigging Here.

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