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Everything You Need To Know About The Diawa Tanacom

Author: Bullbuster Team

About The Diawa Tanacom Series

These reels are really badass. They are very versatile with their functionality. This is a reel you can kite fishing with, deep drop, even jig!  Yea it has its own jigging function, you can stick it in your rod holder and press jig and the reel will actually jig for you. Another cool feature is that you can set a pre stop, so your swivel connection will not hit your rod and break your guides.  We hope that you enjoy this in depth guide about the Diawa  Tanacom.

Reviews For The Diawa Tanacom Series

How To Use All Of The Settings On The Diawa Tanacom

In this video “Diawa Australia” shows you how to work with this hi-tech reel and how to play with the settings without breaking your reel.

Review Of The Diawa Tanacom 1000

This video review of the Diawa Tanacom Series posted by “Bill Ruth” shows talks about some of the cool functionalities (like the fact that the reel can jig on its own).  He also shows the speed and power of the reel.

Testing Out The Diawa Tanacom 750

In this video posted by “Barry Chan” you get to see some of the basic functions of the Diawa Tanacom in action.  There is no question that this is a fun reel to play with.

Braided Line Capacity For The Diawa Tanacom Series

Below you will find the braided line capacities for the Diawa Tanacom Series.   If you want to learn all of the braided line capacities for Diawa Reels check out our line capacity tool.

Braided Fishing Line Capacity For Tanacom Reels

How To Maintenance The Diawa Tanacom Series

This is an in depth video put together by Diawa themselves to show you how to maintain your Diawa Tanacom.

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