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Everything You Need To Know About Pond Fishing

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Fishing In Ponds

Most ponds in the US have some fish in them even if they are super remote.   Many ponds have been stocked and there are in fact entire services devoted to stocking ponds that we will cover below.  In this article we are going to get in depth about catching fish in a pond, and we will include some of the best resources on the web to help out along the way.  

*** Some parts of this article will be super basic and some parts will get in depth into literally building your own pond and stocking it with fish ***

*** If you are looking for the basic, it is here , if you are more advanced, scroll past the stuff you know ***

I Just Want To Know What To Bring To Catch Something In A Pond Near My House

Ok, well for that you can go to almost any big box sporting store on amazon and there will be a kit that has a rod and a plastic box that already comes with a box of small lures in it, a bobber, some small hooks and a weight or two. You can usually find one for $20.00 or less.  They usually also come with a blue string with a needle looking thing on the end of it. That is called a fish stringer, if you plan on bringing your fish home it is to put through the gill of your fish and keep them fresh and alive in the water until you head home.  

Below is one from that is less than $30.00.

Things You Want To Know When You Have A Basic Kit For Fishing In A Pond

Below is a great video posted on Youtube by “PhillipAndWorld” that shows you what you need to know to get started with one of these kits.

In the video he :  1) Puts the lines through the guides (the round holes on the rod) 2) Ties the line to the hook. 3) Attaches a bobber to the line on top of the hook. 

With the above steps covered.  You just need to find some bait and you are pretty much set up to catch anything in a local pond. 

Learn A Few More Knots That Can Be Used To Tie Your Hook To Your Line

Best Baits For Fishing In A Pond With A Bobber

  1. Bread

  2. Worms

  3. Power Bait 

The other items that you would find in a simple fishing kit like the one above are called lures.   The job of a lure is to “look like a fish” so that other fish will come eat it. The most basic way to get a fish to eat a lure is to throw (this is called casting) and then to bring it back towards you. While you are reeling it towards you, the lure will look like a swimming fish. 

In the kit there are two types of lures that will come in it.  1) The Crankbait 2) Soft Plastic Jig. Below we have included a good video on each of these types of baits. 

How To Fish A Crank Bait

This bait usually has a clear plastic bill on it.  The bill is used to bring the lure underwater and then to give it a swimming action.  So the idea is, you cast it, and then slowly retrieve it and the lure itself does the work.   Below there is a video posted by Youtuber “The Next Bite” that is a great example of how to do this.  

How To Fish A Soft Plastic 

With a soft plastic you first connect the soft plastic lure to the hook that has a weight on it. This is called a “jig head”.   Then you cast it out and retrieve it. When you retrieve it you need to give it some action so that it looks like a fish. Below is a video posted by Youtuber “Tackle Tactics TV” that shows you exactly how to go about doing this. 

Types Of Fish That You Can Catch In A Pond

Below are some common fish that you may catch while fishing in a pond.  

  1. Blue Gill 

  2. Crappie

  3. Largemouth Bass

  4. Smallmouth Bass

  5. Catfish (Learn More About Catching Catfish)

  6. Trout -- these will be in colder waters

Build Your Own Pond For Fishing

Some people who have a significant amount of land may actually want to build their own pond and stock it with their own fish.  This can be a big project and may be costly. If you have a small river to damn, that may be a lot easier than building the thing from scratch and waiting for rain to fill it.  Below is a video posted by Youtuber “Huntin Grounds” on how he started to build his own pond for his dad to fish on.  

The video below solves some of the water problems that “Huntin Grounds” had. If you don’t have a stream nearby, you may have other sources of rain water. Youtuber “CarlTheLandscaper” shows you how to capitalize on the rainwater from the rain gutters of the house.   Notice that he uses the slope of the pipe to keep water from overflowing out of the pond. 

Stocking Your Own Pond For Fishing (Semi Warm Climate)

There are two ways to stock your own pond.  The first way will be VERY time consuming, but a lot of fun and cost less money.   The second one will be more expensive but may lead to better fishing in the long run.  Those two ways are catching your own fish, or working with a fish hatchery to set up your pond. 

Regardless of the way you choose to stock your pond, watching the video below posted by the Youtube Channel “” an Ohio based hatchery will be helpful to get you set up with a bit of an understanding of how to set up an ecosystem for your pond. 

Interesting points from the video:


  • 1) Stocking bass and bluegill you can keep a pond going for generations since they counteract eachother

  • 2) Catfish hold back bass by eating more bluegill and should only be put in if you plan to harvest them

  • 3) Using ‘Shell Crackers’ (Red Eared Sunfish) - You can keep snail populations down which reduces parasites in the fish you want to eat

  • 4) Some fish may be illegal to stock -- check in with your local department of natural resources. 

Below is what it looks like to stock a pond with fish from a hatchery on a small scale.  This video was posted by well known Bass fishing Youtuber “Flair”.

Below is kind of the next level with some larger fish by the same Youtuber “Flair”

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