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Everything You Need To Know About Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Author: Bullbuster Team

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Our fluorocarbon is used by serious fishermen to land more fish. Whether you are a tournament winner, or a serious weekend warrior, don’t wait to find out whether the fish are finicky, use fluoro. Our fluorocarbon is available in 50 yard spools to keep in tackle bags or can be purchased in our bulk 500 yard spools of for serious tournament or charter fishermen. Check out our suction cup line holders to dispense fluorocarbon easily from your boat. 

+ Bulk Fluorocarbon

+ Tournament Fishing

Tournament fishermen use our bulk fluorocarbon spools coupled with our suction cup line holders to easily dispense fluorocarbon during fast paced tournaments. When competition is fierce and the bite is slow, you need every advantage you can get. This includes a clearer line for finicky fish, and ease of access. Our bulk fluorocarbon spools come in 500 yard spools from 20 to 60 Lb test. In the next few months we should be releasing some larger LB test fluoro, so keep your eyes peeled on our website. 

+ Perfect For Making Leaders Before You Go Fishing

Our bulk spools of fluorocarbon are perfect for making leaders before you go fishing. Success comes when luck meets preparation. Our bulk spools are perfect to store in your garage, fishing closet, or cabin for prepping. Before going fishing make pre-made leaders and store them in either ziplock bags marked with a sharpie or a fishing yo-yo with similar markings. When the bite is going off you definitely do not want to be rigging. Have several size fluorocarbon leaders ready to go with different size hooks. There is no such thing as being to ready. 

+ Why Fluorocarbon Works

+ It Is Virtually Invisible

Fluorocarbon is super dense when compared to monofilament which means that light waves traveling through the water pass through it very quickly. This leads to a kind of optical illusion where it seems like it is not even there. This is why you tend to get more strikes when fishing fluorocarbon. 

+ It Is More Abrasion Resistant Than Mono

Fluoro’s density also makes it more abrasion resistant and therefore great for leader material. Some people claim that even if fluorocarbon was not virtually invisible they would still use it just for the abrasion resistance

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