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Everything You Need To Know About Fishing In California

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Ultimate Guide To Everything Fishing In California

This article serves as an encyclopedia of all things fishing in California. In this article we will cover a number of California fishing topics.  Everything from species lists, to charter boats, to fishing techniques, locations, charter boats and more.  Click on the links in the article to dial in on more specific information about the topic that you are most interested in. 

California Fish Species

Below you will find lists of species that can be caught in California.  These lists are broken down into sub categories so that you can dial into the species you are looking for. 

List Of Pacific Groupers + Basses

List Of Pacific Baitfish

List Of Pacific Flatfish

List Of Pacific Croakers

List Of Pacific Tunas

List Of Pacific Billfish

List Of Pacific Rockfish

Recipes For Fish That You Can Catch In California

Below are a list of articles that you can use to cook fish commonly caught in California. 

How To Cook California California Yellowtail

Recipes For California Yellowtail

How To Cook Rockfish

Recipe For Rockfish

How To Cook Lingcod

Recipes For Lingcod
A Lingcod caught aboard #BullbusterAmbassador Jackpot Charters

Best Recipes For California Sheepshead

Best Recipes For Calico Bass

Best Recipes To Cook Mahi

Best Recipes To Cook Yellowfin Tuna

Best Recipes For White Seabass

California Fishing Clubs

The best way to learn new fishing techniques is to join a fishing club.  Lots of information can be found on the internet, but ultimately you need to get out there and test it out for yourself.  You will find that getting out on the water with locals is a sure fast way to learn about how to catch more fish in your local area.  Joining clubs also allows members to organize fishing  tournaments, events, and pass on important values to future generations of fishermen. 

Get The Full List Of California Salt Water Fishing Clubs By Clicking Here... Below is a preview:

1) The Avalon Tuna Club

Location: Catalina Island 


The Avalon Tuna club is very important to sport fishing history.  It is known as the first club to bring a standard set of rules to the sport of fishing.  Zane Grey (a controversial member) went on to create the IGFA which shared many similarities to the Avalon Tuna club.

2) The San Diego Anglers Club

Location: San Diego 


The San Diego Anglers club is the largest fishing club in San Diego.  The San Diego Anglers Club is a family fishing club that along with its foundation (The San Diego Anglers Foundation) are heavily involved with the Southern California fishing community.  If you want to meet other families that are heavily involved in fishing, get involved with tournaments, volunteering, and learn a ton about fishing every month with renowned speakers at the monthly meetings of the club.

See Full List Of Fishing Clubs Here

California Charter Boats

If you want to fish on vacation, don't have a boat, or want to learn new techniques; hiring a charter boat is often the way to go. There are three main type of charter boats.  

Headboats/Long Range Boats

You have headboats or boats that can accommodate a number of anglers (often 20 plus anglers), these boats include boats that fish local waters as well as boat known as long range boats that venture far offshore and feature sleeping quarters and often fine dining.  

List Of San Diego Long Range Boats

Schedules For San Diego Long Range Boats

1/2 Day Trip To Mexico From San Diego

6 Pack Boats

Another type of charter boat you have is a "6 Pack" boat.  This type of boat is licensed by the Coast Guard to  carry up to 6 paying anglers.  This type of vessel is excellent for a private charter with your family and friends, as well as a corporate charter where you corporation may end up hiring multiple "6 pack boats" at the same time. "6 Pack" boats in California take clients on trips that can last from several hours to several days.  


Hiring a fishing guide is usually a more private an intimate fishing experience.  Hiring a guide is great for a father son, father daughter trip, a couples trip, or a trip with one or two buddies.  A guide may have a small boat that carries 2-3 passengers.  They may also have no boat at all and help you fish from land (this is common for many fresh water/ fly guides. 

Boat Rentals

If you are adventurous and are willing to try the fishing out for yourself in a new place, try renting about.  Just make sure you ask plenty of questions about the fishing in the area first so that you at least have some inkling of what you are doing. 

Rent A Boat In San Diego

Rent A Boat In San Diego

California Fishing Spots 

Below we cover some of the well know California fishing grounds, beaches, and bodies of water. This will be a growing part of this guide. 

Surf Fishing Pismo Beach

Pacific Beach Pier FIshing (Crystal Pier)

California Fishing Techniques

California has a rich history of fishing.   Many techniques used in other areas originate from California.  Some techniques remain uniquely Californian.  Other techniques are a fusion from a mixing of fishing cultures. 

Target Thresher Sharks From The Pier

Surf Fishing In California

Kevin Nakada (Stickbaits Vs. Surface Irons For Yellowtaiil)

California Fishing Seasons

Many types of fishing are seasonal. As certain species either migrate or act differently with different types of weather, currents, and water temperatures. 

California Fishing Regulations

Where ever you are fishing, and what ever you are fishing for.  Chances there are rules for this species.  It is important to know these not only to conserve fisheries for future generations but also to stay out of trouble. 

California Department Of Fish & Wildlife

California Fish Conservation & Organizations Dedicated To Preserving Fisheries

CCA California

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