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Everything You Need To Know About Boat Insurance

Author: Bullbuster Team

Big Guide Full Of Research On Boat Insurance

This guide is not a sale of insurance or a recommendation of any specific boat insurance. It compiles information on what insurance is and gives you the best resources to learn more

Why would you need boat insurance? 

Aside for protection from liabilities from the damage of your boat trailer or medical issues induced from your boat. Some states actually require you to carry insurance on your boat. Also, if you want to dock your boat at a marina they may require you to have insurance. If you have a loan on on your boat you technically don't actually own the boat so the lien holder or financial owners of the boat will want it insured since they aren't operating it and they want to hedge their risk.

How Much Will Boat Insurance Cost?

Generally according to insurance costs around 1.5% of the cost of your boat per year. This can vary depending on a number of factors, so take. Look at the linked article to get a better understanding about this.

To get more information on what boat insurance can cost, take a look at the article below by better This article covers not only the cost of insurance for boats but a few ways you can influence that cost.

This video talks more about the cost of insurance and the true cost of owning a boat, this is not to discourage you from owning a boat, but instead encourage you to be ready for the costs with owning a boat so that when you do buy it you buy a boat that you can use, instead of a boat that you are just working all of the time and never get to use. 

What Questions Should You Ask Your Boat Insurance Agent?

The video below posted on Youtube by "" covers this topic. The better questions that you ask, the better decisions that you can make when choosing a broker for your insurance. This doesn't just go for insurance, but almost any shopping decision. 

What Companies Offer Boat Insurance?

As of August 2020 the following companies offer boaters insurance. This can be subject to change, so be sure to visit their websites to see their current offerings. 

1) Progressive

2) Allstate 

3) Geico

4) State Farm

5) Liberty Mutual

6) Farmers Insurance Group

7) Foremost 

8) Nation Wide

9) American Family Insurance

10) Markel 

Boating Insurance Horror Stories

The reasons that we want to give you boaters insurance stories is so that you know reasons why you might want to be insured. 

The article below from has some of the wildest boating insurance claim stories. You never know what is going to happen.

Below is an article from Farmers Insurance how maintaining your boat properly can help you avoid claims and raise your premiums.

Boating Insurance Lawsuits

When choosing your insurance company, you may want to know some of the things to keep in mind to dot your eyes and cross your t's. The last thing you want to do is have boaters insurance and then end up paying for it, needing it and not getting the money you need to pay for your accident. 

This insurance claim did not go through for the boater:

Below is a resource from Voss Law Firm on 4 reasons most insurance claims for boats do not go through, obviously its an article selling their services, but its something to think about with your boat. :

How To Save Money On Your Boat Insurance

Below is a guide from "Boat Buyers Secret Weapon" on saving money on your boat insurance. 

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