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Everything You Need To Know About Article Tags On The Bullbuster Community

Author: Bullbuster Team

Why You Should Use Article Tags & How To Use Them

Why You Should Use Article Tags

Tags on the Bullbuster community help your article get discovered in a number of different places within the community.  In this article we will go in depth into why you should tags, the proper way to use them, and how you can explore the site and link you article to tagged pages. 

How Tags Work On The Bullbuster Community

Tags help your articles get discovered within the Bullbuster community. Everytime you use a Article Tag within the community you are increasing your chances for your article to get discovered, not only organically but in Bullbuster's content distribution system. 

Below we will break down how tags work on our community. 

Where you enter your Article Tags: 

Where Article Tags Show Up In Your Article: 

Where Your Article Shows Up On The Rest Of The Site:

How You Can Find Article Categories On The Community

Use the url bar to look for the articles you are looking for by filling in the word the /...../ after /articles/ 

If you are looking for a category with more than one word use a "- " between the words. 

How To Pick Article Tags

1) Any Questions That You Answer In The Article - If you explain something in your article, think of the question you would ask that your explanation would answer well. 

2) Where You Are Fishing  - Use tags for the region that you are fishing (city,state, specific spot)

3) What Techniques You Are Using

4) What You Caught

5) What You Are Using For Bait 

6) What Tackle You Were Using

Things To Avoid With Article Tags

1) Don't Make Your Tag Too Long

2) Don't Forget To Press Enter Between Tags - If you don't put a space between tags then they are going to show up as one big tag and your article will be hard to find. 

3) Not Putting Spaces Between Words - We aren't instagram, your article will be harder to find if you don't put a space between words in your article tags. 

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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