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Everything You Need To Know About Anchoring Your Boat

Author: Bullbuster Team

Best Resources On The Web About Anchoring Your Boat

In this article we put together some of the common topics about anchoring your boat. Whether that is choosing the size of your anchor, the type of anchor, getting your anchor to stick, or how much line you should be letting out to anchor properly. 

Choosing Your Anchor

There are several different types and styles of anchors. Below is a video posted on the web by "Fans Of Anchors" a Youtube channel completely dedicated to anchors.  This video goes into each type of anchor and explains the following types of anchors and their advantages:

Types Of Anchors

1) Claw Anchor 

2) Plow Anchor

3) Fluke Anchor

4) Wing Anchor

How To Rig An Anchor For Your Boat

Below is a video posted on Youtube by "Jetty Rocks Fishing - Mike D" that shows you how to rig an anchor line for your boat. Mike lost his anchor so he shows you how to set up your anchor line. 

How Much Rope Should I Use For Anchoring?

Ok so your are going to be anchoring. How much rope should you be using?  Below is a video  posted on Youtube by "Club Marine TV" that answers just that question. If you are buying an anchor and a new anchor line this is something that you need to consider.   

How To Anchor On A Fishing Spot?

Want to anchor up on a fishing spot? Below is a video posted by "Gale Force Twins" on how to line up your boat on your fishing spot. 

Ways To Get Your Anchor Off The Bottom

In the begging you spent all that time getting your anchor stuck so that your boat is not going to move.  Now its time to get your anchor up and you are having a hard time.  Below are a few videos that give you tips on doing just that. 

Tripping Your Anchor

With some types of anchors you can "trip" them, basically create a weak point that you can break to change your anchors angle and get it up more easily. Below is a video  posted by "TA Fishing" that shows you how to do just that. 

Using An Anchor Buoy To Get Your Anchor Off Of The Bottom

Another method to get your anchor off the bottom that works really well without breaking your back is using an anchor buoy and letting the boat do the work. Below is a great video on how to do this posted on Youtube by "Gale Force Twins". 

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