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Drop A Mean Fishing Rhyme

Author: Bullbuster Team

Free Styling Shark Fisherman Drops Some Rhymes On Facebook:

If you haven't already heard of Adam J. Smith (@FreestyleFisherman), you should.  This guy has been dropping some sick rhymes about our favorite sport!   Check out some of his free-style videos below.  

"Shhh... Is The Sound That The Waves Make On The Beach"

"My Scope Is Made By Garmin & It Goes Way Down"

"You Ain't Seen Nothing Until You See A Running Mako Breach"

"I've Been Known To Drive Up & Down The Dike, Stop & Sight For Baitfish Taking Flight"

"I Aint Afraid To Drop A Bait That's Three Feet Wide, I'm Yaking Even If Its 30 Degrees Outside"

Shark Fishing Rapper

"My Name Is Adam And I Fish-A-Holic"

"I Be Cutting Sharks Loose Only After I Revive Them... I Ain't Never Treated The Ocean Like A Trash Bin"

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