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Dredge Fishing Explained Through Youtube Videos

Author: Bullbuster Team

We put together this article as a compilation of dredgefishing youtube videos.  Dredge fishing is an effective technique to catch more fish because it mimicks a school of baitfish, makes a lot of noise, and sends huge sound waves to the surrounding waters.  We hope that this article helps you spend more time fishing by having this all in one place.  We believe that if a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video is worth 1,000,000.  **Keep Scrolling To Get To The Videos!**

Youtube Videos On How To Make A Dredge: 

What Is A Dredge?  

A dredge is a contraption that is trolled behind your boat that is supposed to resemble a school of bait. Dredges can be made of natural or artificial lures, or both. Dredges can be trolled on the surface or weighted down to be completely subsurface. While most dredges are fished from large sportfish boats many people fishing smaller center console boats have incorporated them as a key part of their trolling spread. 

Basics Of A Dredge: 

 This video put together by Cpt. Rick Wheeler talks about a few different combinations you can use for your dredge and why using natural bait vs. artificials  is often the way to go.  

Rigging Ballyhoo For Dredges: 

Full throttle media put together this video on how to make a pin rig dredge using ballyhoo.  The video is very thorough and talks about how to prep individual ballyhoo for your dredge baits. 

Youtube Videos On How To Fish A Dredge: 

We put together a compilation of a few videos showing you how fishermen from around the world fish dredges. 

Using Dredge Fishing For Mahi: 

Bob Mcnally posted this video about dredge fishing for Mahi with Cpt. Scott Mcnally.  

Using Dredges For Marlin:  

Full throttle media put together a video where swordfish legend RJ Boyle and  Glenn Cameron  discuss dredge fishing for marlin. 

Using Dredges For Tuna:  

This video posted by Rip Dog Sportfishing features a nice yellowfin caught while dredge fishing. 

Dredges For Bass:  

The Alabama rig which has recently become popular in the bass fishing world, is basically a miniature dredge. This thing is deadly and has actually been outlawed in some tournaments because it is so effective.  This video by Bass Resource explains the Alabama rig and how to use it. 

Dredge Cam Footage:  

With the advent of newer underwater camera technology dredge cams have captured never before seen footage what dredges really bring up.  These videos are awesome to watch, and when used on your boat can really help you to improve your trolling spread after watching what really happens behind your boat.

Mako In The Dredge Cam: 

This is some amazing footage posted by davey8128 of a mako tearing through the dredge rig.  Gotta love the soundtrack!

Marlin In The Dredge Cam:

 Darinisaac posted this awesome vidoe of marlin comming up to his dredge in the DR and PR. He has great commentary which goes to show you how much you can learn by just watching your dredge cam footage. 

Tuna In The Dredge Cam:        

This is some awesome footage of a school of tuna coming up on a squid dredge which was posted by theRoboCrash. 

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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