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Does Fluorocarbon Really Work?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Fluorocarbon Is More Expensive, So Does It Work?

Fluorocarbon fishing lines are significantly more expensive than your average leader material. This brings up the question, does it really work? Do I want to pay more money for this leader or simply use mono? This is actually a good question to ask. If you asked it good for you. 

Can The Fish See My Line?

Can fish see your line? This is a good question, and on a day where most fish aren't biting, you may really want to consider using fluorocarbon and scaling down to the lightest line possible. Color fades in the water after the first 60 feet, but lets face it, most of the fish that you are going to be targeting are not that deep.   Fluorocarbon lines are a lot more dense than monofilament lines, you can feel it in your hands.  

What does density mean? It means that the light is going to be passing through your line a lot faster.  This means that your lines are going to be less visible.  Less visible means more bites. 

Is Fluorocarbon More Abrasion Resistant?

If you feel fluorocarbon it has a lot tougher surface than monofilament fishing lines.  This is great for abrasion resistance.   If you have a fish with a rough mouth, having that surface is a plus.  

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