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Documentary On The Background Of Hell's Bay Boatworks

Author: Bullbuster Team

Documentary On The Background Of Hells Bay Boatworks

"Building a boat... its about knowing where you want the boat to take you.. where you want fishing to take you".  - Flip Pallot

We came across this awesome documentary on the invention of the  modern day flats boat. It features legendary fisherman Flip Pallot and mentions other legendary Miami natives such as Norman Duncan (the inventor of the Duncan Loop (often called the uni-knot nowadays). 

"A boat can only give you that feeling of freedom if it does what you want it to" - Flip Pallot

Watch the documentary posted on Youtube by "Presslaunch Pictures"

"When I showed this boat to other guides of the time it was so different from the standards of the day I almost got laughed out of the keys" - Flip Pallot

"Nameless keys ... remote shorelines of bites... the no man's land of bays and coves behind white water bay connected more often by false hope than by narrow passages of creeks and blind corners" - Flip Pallot (On Everglades National Park)

"In 1980's there were only 3 or 4 of us venturing off into the park... we used to take jon boats into the back country as far as we could go to places where we had hidden canoes " - Flip Pallot 

"My constant companions were John Emmory, Norman Duncan, and Chico Fernandez... we spent our youth learning the migratory patterns of wild game and exploring the mysterious estuaries and swirling tides of South Florida - Flip Pallot

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